The TRUTH about Alex Ikonn

If you just saw the YouTube side of Alex Ikonn you’d be forgiven for thinking he’s Mr Perfect, and life has been an easy ride. Nothing could be further from the truth…

This week’s #ThrowbackTuesday is a great friend of the show, and inspirational YouTube entrepreneur, Alex Ikonn.

Alex is one of those people who is truly multi-dimensional.

Many of you know him from his YouTube channel, and his wife Mimi’s videos.

If you just saw this side of Alex you’d be forgiven for thinking he’s Mr Perfect, and life has been an easy ride. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Alex’s story has more than its fair share of grief and struggle.

He just has this incredible discipline for reprogramming his mind for positivity.

Our chat together was intimate and informative — but more than anything it was fun!

For such a young guy, Alex doesn’t take himself too seriously.

The only thing that matters to him is what he’s giving to a situation.

In this classic episode we covered:

  • The journey of Luxy Hair, the business that made his and Mimi’s career
  • Gratitude – It’s such a big part of Alex’s discipline as an entrepreneur and human being
  • The importance of YouTube as a business vehicle – it’s about the experience, the personal interaction
  • Present an experience, rather than force the sale – people will come to your product naturally
  • It’s not all been easy – the truth behind the Instagram and YouTube image of Alex and Mimi
  • Deliver value – don’t focus on you, focus on others and money will come to you

Alex’s big message is that authenticity and delivering value are all that matters.

If you are in business, Alex believes that the first thing you need to do is stop thinking about yourself.

Stop thinking ‘how do I make money?’ and starting thinking, ‘how do I deliver value?’

Alex’s greatest talent is his ability to reframe things, and reprogramme his mind. Once we shift our focus from ourselves, to other people, that’s when success starts to come.

But for Alex this took a while to realise. He talks about his incredible journey, being a poor Russian immigrant, losing his father and his stepfather, and selling flowers in parking lots at the age of 12.

Many people sink into negative cycles coming from this kind of struggle, but Alex is special.

He remembers going to court for a minor offence and seeing the apathy of other offenders.

This sparked something off in Alex, and he swore he would not allow himself to become a victim like that.

I think this is a real key to understanding Alex as a businessman and a person.

Whether it’s gratitude or delivering value rather than products, he has a natural love of life. It’s in his bones.

Alex just has this strong and focused life-force in him, and he’s not about to let anything or anyone get in the way of that.

Behind the preppy, boyish looks is a tough guy, a former poor kid from the block who has pulled himself up by his own bootstraps.

Again and again this episode keeps coming back to the question, ‘what are you giving to the world?’

Luxy Hair, says Alex, was the result of seeing an area where value wasn’t being delivered, where there was a need that wasn’t being fulfilled.

One of the most surprising things he talked about was how he and Mimi started building value before they even had the Luxy Hair product finalised.

From day one, Alex’s business has been about YouTube, and the connectivity that it offers. He knows too well that what people are interested in is not the product, but the experience.

Alex is not actually a materially driven guy. He talks about how the four hour work week was his big dream, but when he actually achieved it, he found nothing but a void.

He realised that the most important thing is evolution, growth. That’s what we are built for.

The lifestyle image that Alex and Mimi offer on YouTube is not about consumerism, something Alex is very wary of.

In reality, it’s about presenting a positive image of what can be achieved, of what’s possible in life.

Alex knows that when we buy a product, we are looking to empower ourselves in some way, to become somebody through the product.

This is what Alex is about. He is building an empire on YouTube, helping others to create their dreams.

This is one of those episodes of London Real that is worth watching almost daily! Alex is both positive and grounded. He’s gentle and he’s giving, but he’s also streetwise.

He’s a real friend of the show, and been hugely supportive of the changes happening here at London Real.

Alex is not just a favourite of ours, he’s part of the family, a real guiding light in helping us evolve.

Click here to watch the Full Episode and get your burst of inspiration from a great human being and a treasured guest of the show.