3 Things I Learned From MMA MVP Michael VENOM Page

Michael VENOM Page is exactly the kind of guest we like on London Real — vicious in a fight and a gentleman in conversation.

He’s also a man who has built his own success in his OWN way. Michael is one hundred per cent an individual, and doesn’t settle for the way things have always been done.

You can see this from his Success Secrets, and from the way he talks about how he became the fighter he is today. You can also see it in his businesses. He’s not just a fighter, he’s an entrepreneur.

Michael takes action, and that’s what we are about at London Real Academy, as you know!

I thought I would let you in on some of the main takeaways I got from the interview with Michael:

  1. The importance of doing things your own way. Don’t copy the way it’s always been done.
  2. Whether it’s praise or booing it’s the same energy. You are in control of how you react
  3. Be patient. In everything you do.

Your OWN style 

It’s important in life no matter what you do, to make your mark. To own the craft you’ve dedicated yourself to. Michael VENOM Page’s style is so individual that it’s controversial.

Fans resist it all the time, they think MMA should be done a particular way, but as Michael said in the episode, he was always going to do it his way.

In a lot of ways it’s putting into practice what Daniel Priestley says about entrepreneurs. You have to make it your own, forget everyone else, and focus on what you do best.

The real game changers are the ones who have the courage to do that, and eventually people start to follow you. If you want to change the culture you have to stick to what makes you you, and forget everyone else.

Haters gonna hate!

Praise and accolades, or hatred and booing, it’s all the same. Michael is not just a fighter he’s a performer. And a good one. One thing that makes a good performer is being able to respond to a crowd, to be able to adapt yourself to the moment.

Michael got into MMA in the first place for the exposure, and there’s power in having an audience there. If you have enough command of yourself, if you have mastered your art, you can use whatever energy is coming your way, and turn it around to your advantage.

This is actually a fundamental truth about martial arts, and definitely key to Jiu Jitsu. But Michael proved to me that it works in any situation.

So if you you are having to deal with haters, or people who are loving your every move, it’s smart to treat them both the same, and use the energy for your own agenda. This is as true in the office as much as in the ring.

Have Patience!

Be patient in everything that you do. I couldn’t believe it when Michael told me, but when he was young, travelling around to weekly kickboxing shows in small towns across the UK, he became used to LOSING.

He was so accustomed to being the guy that loses and watching his brother win fights, that it kind of became normal. But as he said in the interview, he is so grateful he had the patience to keep going.

Success doesn’t happen overnight. If you want it bad, whether it’s financial independence, playing a musical instrument, or becoming a billionaire, you might have to go through long years of being BAD at what you do. Just remember to fail PATIENTLY.Truthfully, I could have written pages and pages of what I learned from Michael, and to see him go and win a fight so decisively just after our episode came out drives it home just how important it is to listen to this guy!

But let me know what YOU think. What did you learn from watching the episode with Michael Page?

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