3 Things I Learned From Mimi Ikonn

Mimi Ikonn is tough. She embodies the self-made entrepreneur. But she’s also warm, fun and and very open and giving.

This is why I love her, and why she’s already a fan-favourite with the London Real tribe.

She’s proof it’s possible to ‘make-it’ without losing your sensitivity and compassion.

Luxy Hair, the company she built with husband Alex Ikonn, is a multi-million dollar a year company.

Her YouTube channel has over 2.7million subscribers and her videos have been watched over a quarter of a billion times around the world.So yeah, the stats speak for themselves.

The story of Mimi’s rise to success, however, is not just a story about building a business.

It’s a story of how she, with her husband Alex, mastered the mindset of a successful person.

One of Alex and Mimi’s most recent products to blow up is the 5 Minute Journal, which is a quick-fire way people can re-programme their minds for positivity and action.

It’s this wisdom and self-mastery that fascinates me the most, and Mimi just has so much to teach the rest of us.

When she came to talk to us she explained how she cultivated a success-mentality WAY before she and Alex had made their millions.

In a sense, Mimi ‘made-it’ years before Luxy Hair was even an idea.

When the concept came, Mimi and Alex were ready to grab the moment.

There’s so much I learned from my chat with Mimi but here are three things I want to focus on:

  1. Think like an immigrant
  2. Deliver value first and forget everything else.
  3. Love yourself. It’s the only way you can give.

Lesson 1. Think like an immigrant

You guys know how much I love and appreciate the immigrant mentality.

Partly because I am American, but also because I am an immigrant myself.

Immigrants have a resourcefulness, because they’re hungry.

Like Mimi says in the interview, they don’t wait around for people to give them the answer, they just do it.

That’s essential if you want to create a life on your own terms.

Be resourceful, answer your own questions. Experiment. Above all take action.

Lesson 2. Deliver value

It’s easy to get caught up in whether you are doing things the right way or the wrong way.

But that’s a bad road, because you are too concerned with doing it the way it’s always been done!

If you want to make a mark, to be known as something different in the marketplace, you have to forget the way things have always been done.

All you need to worry about is your customer or client – what are they getting out of it?

How can you improve their experience?

Once you answer these questions, anything goes.

Like Mimi says, comparing yourself to others is bad news, just make sure you deliver value.

Lesson 3. Love yourself

Okay so you’ve heard this tip a thousand times, and usually it’s designed to just make you feel better. But Mimi doesn’t mean it that way.

Check out what she says about doing Vipassana Meditation – an intensive ten day course where it’s just you and the monkey mind.

Mimi talked a lot about having to confront her emotions, and how every day she wanted to quit.

I think this is what she meant about loving yourself.

You actually have to get uncomfortable like Mimi did, sweat it out and come face to face with who you really are, even the bits you don’t like.

Only then can you love yourself. And like Mimi says, if you can’t love yourself you can’t give to others, so you have a duty to get okay with who you really are.

As always, with every guest, I could have written a book (and who knows maybe I will!) on the things I learned from Mimi Ikonn.Hit me up with some feedback by leaving a comment below.

Let me know the three things YOU learned from Mimi, whether it’s the same things, or you got something different.

I really want to hear how you were impacted by this very special London Real guest!

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Watchdog Journalist

Fantastic Nuggets from Mimi…you guys are just just the best.

Things I learnt…hmmmm…ok…

1. Be authentic. Be yourself, and don’t over produce.
2. On haters, empathise with them. And the big one…
3. QVCA (this is just brilliant) Quality, Value, Consistency and Authenticity.

Oh yea Brian, are you thinking of writing a book? Thinking? Definitely not, you WILL, MUST, HAVE TO write a book and you are brilliant with words.

I am loving every minute of LondonReal.

Thanks guys and God bless you all.

Julie Calcote

Great interview! Love Mimi! Great advice about dealing with the haters.