Can you see yourself in a bikini?

London Real is a community of people determined to reach their full potential. Here at the Academy, members are always learning new ways to perform at the top of their game.

All of our guests are high performance, but they each have something unique to teach us about what success really means.

Successful people, like Jamie AldertonElliott HulseSteve MaxwellJoe De SenaBen GreenfieldPeter Sage and Dan Peña, are always positive, high energy individuals.

Each one has their own routine, but most share some basic wisdom on how to shift your mindset towards success. These fundamentals include:

  • Quality sleep
  • A morning routine
  • Healthy eating
  • Exercise
  • Meditation
  • Affirmations
  • Gratitude

Academy member and Body Transformation Coach, Ru Wikmann has been providing us with updates of his performance and fitness journey.

For the last 10 weeks, Ru started preparations for the Pro Fitness Model competition at The WBFF in London, which saw him compete for the title alongside Fitness Entrepreneur and Body Transformation Coach, Jamie Alderton.The first challenge when you join London Real is to TAKE ACTION on your goals.  If you find it difficult to get started you can always refer back to the awesome webinar Brian did on How To Start Something.

This is exactly what Academy member Brenda Ramirez did 7 months ago when she set her SMART goal to compete in the Bikini Championships.

You’ll see the photo Brenda took before she joined the Academy and one of her at the contest on Saturday! That’s Brenda in the middle!Brenda’s SMART goal was also motivated by what Peter Sage said about why goals with affirmations add extra equal POWER to your performance. This is Peter in his own words in the Academy’s own Private Facebook Group:Brenda’s preparation, from start to show day, was tough and demanding. In this interview interview Brenda shows how she used FEAR to reach her goal.

For Brenda, being held accountable in a culture that creates high performance helped Brenda achieve her goal. This is a great example of what happens when we test our limits and build discipline, all the while learning a lot about our bodies and our strengths.

Featured Member Brenda Ramirez

What was your goal?

“My main goal was to compete in a Bikini Competition. The competition is a bodybuilding competition open to men and women. I competed in the Bikini Division. This division has a more “feminine  fit,” look. I walk on stage and show a front and back pose in a bikini and get judged on my physique and get ranked with other women. In the first How To Start Something Webinar, Brian asked us to set a goal. This is a goal I had had for myself for quite a number of years, but was always fearful to work towards it. With Brian’s encouragement and the influence of Peter Sage, Dan Pena, Ido Portal, Elliot Hulse, Dorian Yates, and Chris Eubank I knew I could do it.”

Why did you want to compete in this contest?

“I was motivated to enter the contest because I had never been able to cultivate a physique like a bikini competitor. I was always into endurance sports and did well, so this was a new challenge and a new direction. From the contest, I wanted to get into the best shape of my life and to be able to die with one less regret.”

How did you use FEAR to reach your goal?

“’Yesterday’s dreams are today’s realities’. The main force that drove me was the desire to become a better version of myself. I wrote down the same goal on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis that I would walk on stage, compete, and look the best I have in my life. Besides the mindset, Brian kept me accountable by mentioning that I would be competing all over YouTube! At times when I wanted to quit, I kept thinking I had to stay true to my word. The community accountability also kept me going.”

What was your biggest sacrifice?

“The biggest sacrifice I made was that I lost some “friends.” There were some people that encouraged me to cheat on my meal plan or not to compete at all. I decided it would be best to walk away from those people. For many weeks, my life was work, train, meal preparation, train, family/pet responsibilities, train, and sleep. I wasn’t able to go salsa dancing or go out on dates, but I didn’t want to be there. I wanted to work on me and see my goal through. This was my balance.”

Tell us about your nutrition and fitness plan

“With the help of Candi in the Academy, I had a meal plan with variety and it was 100% plant based. Before that I was winging it or would substitute fake vegan meat in meal plans that called for animal proteins. I ate a ton of whole foods and was always happy that I could eat veggies with every meal. I ate/drank spinach with every meal. I was happy because I didn’t feel like I was starving myself since I could still eat a good sum of vegetables. I lifted about 4-7 times a week.  In addition I also cycled, swam,  sprinted, did kickboxing/boxing, ran, and did hot yoga. I had an overall plan of what body parts I wanted to work out in the gym and how many times I wanted to do cardio for the day/week. I had various coaches, some which really helped and some, which did not. In the end, I listened to my body and just acted. Taking any action was better than taking no action- “analysis paralysis.”

Which top 3 London Real guests and interviews inspire you?

  1. Dan Peña
  2. Peter Sage
  3. Anita Moorjani

“Dan Peña and Peter Sage always inspire me to do more. They have walked the walk. Anita Moorjani reminds me to love myself, life, and to enjoy every minute of it.”

What has been the biggest lesson for you in this contest?

“I know how to sculpt the body I want. Now it is not hard. What is hard is the mindset. Losing all the negative self talk and self doubt is vital. The biggest lesson I learned is like Dan Peña says, “yesterday’s dreams are today’s realities,” and that “you get what you focus on.” I would go on gratitude walks like Mimi Ikonn spoke of. It felt good to know that what I “desire will come about if I dream it, believe it, and work towards it”.  Without the guidance of these people, the support of the Academy members, and the push from Brian, I wouldn’t have achieved this.”

What are your goals for the next 6 months?

“My next goal is to go to Dan Peña’s seminar and have him as my mentor. I admire Dan for all he has done and think that he is living proof of living to one’s fullest potential. When he says that we can do it too, I believe him. I would like to eventually get into the healthcare industry, mainly because I think the food industry has been changing in the direction that is overall better for the human population, the environment, and animals (to me food and healthcare are related). Dan offers advice to people that don’t have anything now. So, I thought I’d start there and would really like to meet Dan too since he was also one of the reasons I ran the 50 mile ultra marathon at the start of the year. Even though I haven’t spoken to him directly, he makes you do things you don’t want to do, or are afraid to do.”

Brenda’s commitment and success-mindset meant she finished in 7th place in the Novice Bikini Division and 8th place in the Open Bikini Division!

Do YOU want to start a fitness goal or do you need help to stay committed to your current fitness goals?

As Brenda said, accountability is KEY, so if you are still waiting for an accountability buddy, request one here and we’ll match you with the right person.

Tribe Meetups

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See if there’s a Meetup scheduled in your city here, and if there isn’t let me know if you’d like to host one!

Until next week’s Tribe Talk, take care and get in touch with me @noorahnaker it would be lovely to hear from you!

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P.S. Here’s a photo of me and the Tribe at a recent Focus Group. I hope to see you at the next one! If you haven’t attended one yet, book your place for our last one of the year!

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