Breathe Motherf*cker! 3 Things Wim Hof Taught Me

Ultimately, Wim Hof’s message is one of empowerment. He is not just some guy who does crazy feats in freezing temperatures. He is no media gimmick.

Wim uses his record breaking powers, and the attention he gets from the media around the world, to further his true mission to give everyone the tools to create strength, happiness and health for themselves.

The key to happiness is harnessing our reactive brains, the survival instincts, instead of living at the mercy of them.

Here are three of the lessons I learned from Wim:

  1. The Cold Is My Teacher
  2. Breathe Motherf*cker!
  3. We Can Conquer Our Fear Of Death

1. The Cold Is My Teacher

He hates the cold just as much as you or I do! Wim can think of nothing better than a warm beach under some palm trees, but he knows that in the bite of the cold lies a deeper wisdom.

Wim’s experiences with the cold have led him to a conscious connection with the instinctual mind, a deeper relationship with his primal nature.

For most of us, this is often a slave-master relationship, but by confronting the merciless power of the cold, Wim has learned to still his mind and harness that power rather than be a victim of it.2. Breathe Motherf*cker!

The way we create this conscious connection is through understanding the breath, and as a result, understanding the true nature of the mind/body relationship.

Wim’s daring experiments in the cold create a shortcut into the body’s natural survival techniques.

Wim controls this process through mastering the breath.

The idea is to reset the body into it’s completely natural state of healthy survival. It’s a neat trick but it requires disciplined breath training to do it in a controlled way.3. We Can Conquer Our Fear Of Death

Wim’s story of swimming in freezing waters under one metre of ice will make any normal person panic just listening to it.

But for Wim the experience was one of complete calm, an almost dreamlike feeling.

He had mastered his breathing and pH levels so much that the loss of oxygen didn’t send his body into a state of fear and flight.

Even though his retinas froze and he lost his way in the dark waters, Wim became one with his nervous system.

We may not be able to conquer death, but Wim’s method proves that we can conquer our primal fear of it.

Can you imagine a life without fear of death? If we can control our nervous systems in the most extreme situations, then we truly can create happiness in the face of life’s struggles.Wim’s message powerful because it puts us in the saddle. Mindset is truly everything.

Have you ever experienced a moment of calm in an extreme situation? Let me know what it was like and leave me a comment.

One thought on “Breathe Motherf*cker! 3 Things Wim Hof Taught Me”

  1. When i did a bungee jump in switzerland from 220m: the Moment i jumped of that dam i was completely calm. I felt free as i never did before. There was silence and me, nothing else. Although my brain told me you can die right now, i didn’t care and simply enjoyed it.

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