Crush Your Business Like A Hollywood Beauty

When we think of Hollywood we think of beautiful women, fast cars and glamorous film stars.

But when Cara Santana visited London Real she really schooled us on what it takes to be successful in the movies. The reality is one of grind, heartbreak and competition.

Now Cara is the CEO of her own company called Glam App, which delivers Hollywood level beauty care to normal working women.

I am convinced that her struggles in the film industry and her high performance experience in front of the camera give her the advantage against other App companies.

Here are Cara’s four secrets of Hollywood success:

1. Willingness to learn

The image of the Hollywood diva is a bit of a lie. In order to deliver a high value performance on set, you have to be open to the energies of others.

Stars don’t make themselves, and movies are super-collaborative in reality. A lot goes on behind the scenes and the same is true of any successful business. Always be learning.

2. Extreme work ethic

Some of the stories Cara told me about her film roles were intense, nearly as crazy as Jocko’s war stories!!

Long hours, hard weather conditions and constant crisis. All the movies you know and love have come from blood, sweat and most likely tears. But that world has prepared Cara for the war rooms of the corporate world. She’s not a badass by mistake!3. Humility

Ego only gets you so far. If you screw over too many people, you find yourself alone in the wilderness. Anyone in Hollywood learns this the hard way.

Cara’s whole business is built on the expertise of others. She’s no beautician by her own admission, but she knows what customers want. Having the humility to know your weakness puts a high value on your strengths.

4. Thick skin

Disappointment is the name of the game in the acting world. Your daily practice is getting rejected, and as Cara knows, learning to navigate knock backs and failures is an art form in itself.

Creative industries have a lot to teach other business when it comes to staying the course in hard times. In Hollywood, you have to get comfortable with ridicule, haters and having an army of personal enemies. Coming from the entertainment world, Cara has a real edge on 90% of entrepreneurs.


Moving across industries is always hard, but sometimes your expertise in one area gives you the advantage in your new arena.
What advantage do you have from a previous life that can serve you in your new goals? Let me know in the comments!

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