Dan Hardy on Ido Portal, Conor McGregor and psychedelics

This week’s #ThrowbackTuesday is Dan Hardy’s most recent conversation on London Real.

Whenever Brian talks about Dan Hardy, he says he is one of the most honest and raw guests to ever sit in the London Real chair.

That’s saying something from a man who has spent the last four years getting REAL with everyone who walked through the studio door.

Dan’s latest discussion with Brian about Ayahuasca and psychedelics was fascinating because Dan does not see these medicines as some kind of cool hip fashion statement.

Psychedelics are part of a wider journey Dan has been on to connect deeper with himself and manage his emotions in constantly new and more balanced ways.

He is busier now than he has ever been, and he tells Brian what it is like to spend so much time in London. I completely got it when he said his body temperature rises every time he enters the city!

The deeper the connection to himself, the less enwrapped Dan is with his emotions and his monkey mind, and this is really the paradox of psychedelics.

Dan’s understanding of himself is something I really admire. It extends even into his professional life.

Last time time Dan was on London Real, he was waiting to hear if he was going to get the UFC commentator job here in the UK.

Needless to say it all worked out. But I think what probably attracted the UFC to Dan, on top of his fight career, was the fact he pretty grounded, and knows his strengths and limitations.

Dan is not trying to be Joe Rogan. He knows what he is good at and for Dan, fight commentary is way for him to use his specialist knowledge in a new way.

He’s not going to shout and scream, and make big fireworks with his screen personality. Dan brings technical knowledge, and he understands the UK fight audience.

Again, Dan has an intuitive understanding of what makes him tick, and I think the fact he doesn’t try to be anyone else other than himself, is what London Real audiences really love about the guy.

What was really interesting was hearing Dan’s professional take on the Ido Portal style movement influence on the UFC and MMA game.

Dan has seen the sport grow for years, and he believes it has been veering towards more sophisticated movement styles for a long time.

Really, it is the journey from basic, technical approaches to fighting, to a more integrated style, where a deeper understanding of the human body, and a more intelligent way of training the mind and the body, become the foundation of the MMA fighter’s style.

A good fighter has to be spontaneous, free, and adaptable, and if you are stuck in applying technical tricks, and confined to one particular style, that freedom is always going to be limited.

If you have trained your mind through balance, flexibility and mind-body responsiveness, however, you will be less bogged down in technique, and more free to fight with whatever comes your way.

As Dan says, with Ido Portal’s work with Conor McGregor, MMA is developing a proper foundation, compared to the days when he trained, when it looked like each fighter was making it up as they went along.

Given the latest epic contest between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor, I wanted to revisit Dan’s conversation with Brian, because fights like that are going to be more common, as the UFC seems to be at a crucial stage of its evolution.

Let me know if you agree or disagree with my take on Dan Hardy, I’m sure there are more knowledgeable fight fans out there than me!

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