DON’T Just “Be Yourself” – 3 Things I Learned From Oren Klaff

Oren Klaff is a force of nature, and so much of what he has to teach is about getting you to access that force too.

Like all our high performance guests Oren plays for big stakes and big money.

On a daily basis he’s in boardrooms and meetings asking companies for millions of dollars.

Like he said at the beginning of our last interview, he’s “doing the the Lord’s work”! Hahaha you have to love him.

Oren sees pitching investors like an old southern preacher sees winning back the souls of his congregation. It’s a spiritual mission!

The last interview Oren did with us was basically a how-to in the art of pitching.

As I’ll explain in a second, Oren is all about bringing value, making yourself so indispensable that people give you what you want.

If I had to choose, though, here would be the top takeaways I got from talking to Oren:

  1. You’re always pitching, no matter who you are.

  2. Ideas trump information.

  3. Don’t just “be yourself”!

  1. You’re always pitching!

I hear all too often people saying that they “don’t pitch”.

They think that just because they’re not VCs or investors running a new start-up, what Oren says doesn’t apply to them.

That misses the point.

Anytime you want to get something done, any time there’s something you want but you don’t have yet, you’re pitching.

Like Oren says, to do anything, you need resources, and you need to persuade someone to see things from your point of view.

That’s pitching.

Like Oren told me, pitching and selling are not the same.

Selling is the art of rapport. Pitching is the art of making yourself indispensable, becoming the source of value.

If that’s true, then damn it, even Shakespeare was pitching.

Artists, actors, musicians, chiefs of police, prime ministers – they’re all involved in that law of nature called “the pitch”.

To resist this fact is to miss out on a lot of wisdom.

So much of what Oren has to say can be applied in every-day situations, whether it’s family, your peer group at work or on the sports field.

  1. Ideas trump Information

This is where we get into the mechanics of the pitch.

For Oren the pitch is not about presenting information.

It’s about hitting a potential investor in the reptilian brain, inspiring them and presenting them with an offer they can’t refuse.

As Oren says, it’s about “bringing the thunder” and for that you don’t need information, you need ideas – creative, enticing and irresistible solutions that only YOU can bring to the table.

That’s what creating value is all about.

Oren talks a lot about “changing the lens” on how a potential client or investor sees their company.

They already know all the information. They already know the challenges they face, and how those challenges play out.

It’s your job to come in and switch it up, change the way they see the problem.

It’s not about facts and figures, it’s about perspective, and when you change the perspective, you dominate, you take command of the dialogue.

You’re no longer pleading, but you are effectively telling them that they are privileged to have you in the room, and they better seize the opportunity to work with you or miss out.

You can’t do that with a pie chart! You have to win hearts and minds.

  1. Don’t be yourself!

Oren was asked to speak at a Tony Robbins conference and one of the things he told the audience is “don’t be yourself”!

This is so counterintuitive, so challenging to everything we have been told by the self-help industry and the New Age gurus over the last couple of decades.

What he means is if you’re not upping your game, if you don’t know your pitch back to front, and if you don’t turn yourself into the THE go-to guy for whoever you are pitching, you might as well pack up and go home.

It’s like Sun Tzu says in the Art of War, the battle is won before the fighting.

If you want to get things done, you need to win people over to your way of thinking.

It’s an essential part of success in any field – providing leadership and being able to win consensus in crisis situations.

If the President of the United States wants to go to war, should he just “be himself”?!

If Ronda Rousey wants to win back her title, should she just tell herself, “you’re good enough” and hope for the best?

No! Bad idea.

You have to highlight your weaknesses and eliminate them.

You have to develop yourself, constantly evolve and be willing to face the hard facts about your own failures.

This is exactly what we are about here at London Real Academy, and that’s why I think Oren’s teaching is fundamental to anyone who wants to build success in whatever field they may be in.I could go on and on about what Oren Klaff has taught me!

Let me know in the comments below, some of the ways you think you can change up your pitch from being just a presentation to full on “bringing the thunder!”

I look forward to discussing this stuff with you and hearing about your A-class pitches!

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Erik J/LaunchModule

Pitch Anything! the book and the Pitch Mastery program led by Oren are absolute must elements of practice for anyone pitching for Venture Capital, or selling, or doing any kind of deal. Even a screenwriter pitching a spec script will elevate their game from this work.