Five Signs You’re Scared Of Risk

There’s always room for more risk in your life, but most of us will be shocked by how safe we play it in our careers. A big part of our Business Accelerator course we run is about encouraging people to roll the dice on their dreams. 

If you want to know if you are taking enough risk in your life, here are five giveaways you can always keep a check on:

  1. You are not LOSING enough money
  2. You haven’t been sacked in the last five years
  3. You have not been rejected for a loan in the last year
  4. You’ve not been through any embarrassing failures
  5. Everybody loves you!


  1. You are not losing enough money

Legend has it that the billionaire Warren Buffett keeps aside a special fund of millions of dollars, specially reserved for investments which are high risk. It doesn’t matter if he loses, the aim is to keep investing and taking risks.

I’m not saying be casual with your money, but without risk you will never get the glory. It’s wise to factor in loss and bold risks into your business plan, otherwise you will always be stuck on cruise control.


  1. You have not been sacked in the last five years

You can’t be a successful entrepreneur and keep your superiors happy. By all means, work to pay for your long-term goals, but if your boss likes you, and you haven’t disappointed an employer or client recently, the chances are you are playing it too safe.

Success means prioritising your own goals. You can be sure your company bosses don’t care whether you like them or not, so don’t be a doormat. Take the money and take the risks.


  1. You have not been rejected for a loan in the last year

Dan Pena always says, if banks are are not rejecting your loan applications, you’re not asking for enough f*cking money.

There’s always someone out there ready to fund your proposal. Be bold and persistent, don’t strip back your ambitions to avoid rejection. Learn to see it as a sign you are on the right track.


  1. You have not been through an embarrassing failure

Most of us live in fear of embarrassment, of being seen to fail big. But the bigger and more humiliating the failure, the more visionary the risk.

Think of UFC fighter Conor McGregor. He jumped two weight classes at the last minute only to lose to opponent Nate Diaz. McGregor went from loudmouth to legend in one night, despite the fact he lost!

  1. Everyone loves you

Being nice is not being good. While it’s easy to hide behind the nice guy image, the truth is if everyone likes you, you can’t be successful.

By all means be polite, and stand by good manners. But there’s no need to be praised by everyone. In a competitive world, taking care of your own is bound to put someone else’s nose out of joint.

Your comfort zone is a dangerous thing. Sometimes you convince yourself that you are pushing yourself, but fear is a sneaky thing! Fear of change is something we need to fight everyday if we want to live life on our own terms and make change in the world.

If you are ready to take command of your life and your business, apply today for our Business Accelerator programme. This is a ten week course designed turn your ideas and goals into a daily reality.

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