Five Social Media Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Always Make

I started the Business Accelerator programme because I keep seeing talented and driven people making the same mistakes over and over.

Even in the arena of social media alone I see beginners consistently fall into the same traps. So here are some of the things to avoid doing when you are creating your social media presence.

The top five rookie mistakes new entrepreneurs make on social media are:

  1. Socialising instead of generating leads
  2. Treating all the social media platforms the same
  3. Getting too comfortable
  4. Obsessing over ‘likes’ instead of value
  5. Waiting for an audience
  1. Social media is not for socialising

Social media is your way of generating leads, cultivating your future clients and customers. It’s really got nothing to do with socialising.

Once you realise this you will save yourself so much time and energy not getting hung up on retweets and comments. Social media is a tool for your business, not entertainment.

  1. Not all platforms are the same

Most entrepreneurs forget that social media is a term that covers a lot of different platforms, each with their own personality and demographic.

I recommend entrepreneurs start treating all social media platforms as separate battlegrounds, focusing only on the major ones like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Once you have done that, pick JUST TWO that are most relevant to your industry, and master them. Focus on the few not the many.

  1. Don’t get comfortable

Don’t get stuck in your ways. SnapChat is on the rise, and Twitter has plateaued. Six months from now, that could change.  

If it’s popular, make sure you understand it. It is easy to fall behind the curve and miss out on a whole new audience, just because you don’t understand a new platform.

  1. Focus on the value, not the likes

We’re all guilty of posting something and hanging on for the response. We get bogged down in retweets and Facebook likes, when the real question is, have I delivered enough value?

If your post isn’t doing so well, then it is not delivering enough value. It’s brutal, but it’s the truth.

Don’t be drawn into hustling for subs or likes. Move on, and keep improving the value-add of your content.

  1. Don’t wait for your audience to find you

Don’t be shy about going out there and finding your audience – they ARE out there, they just don’t know you exist. Go find them! There are a number of tools that can help you do this.

You can also use paid services and sponsored links to boost your reach, but simply understanding your targeted demographic and going after them can revolutionise your social media performance.


These tips form part of Module 4 of our ten week Business Accelerator course. If you are serious about taking your business to the next level then click here to apply.

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