From Dishwasher To Meeting Dan Pena

How many of us at 18 years old would have had the courage and determination to live their passion?

That is exactly what this week’s Tribe Talk interviewee has done.

After coming to London on a £5 ticket from northern Spain, Dani Bonilla is already living his passion. Within a month of arriving in this city, he was working as a video editor for London Real, and had fulfilled his dream of meeting Dan Pena.

How did he do it? What made Dani different from the rest of us, who most likely would have stuck at working in a restaurant kitchen and hoping for a better future?

Dani has passion and confidence in himself, and has already started applying the accountability techniques we teach here on the Academy. Here is how Dani made his dreams come true.

Member Interview

How did you find out about London Real Academy? 

“When I first heard of London Real, oh my God, it was like three or four months ago. I was at home in Spain, but I just got back from the US. I was studying in the US, in Texas, in Austin, and a year before that I was in Michigan. So I just got back, and I started looking at videos about how to make money. I wanted to know why people get rich, and what they do different from other people. Because it is clearly not luck! So I started looking and I found Tai Lopez. I started searching for Tai Lopez, and then I found the interview he did with London Real. And then I found the Rich Dad Poor Dad book, by Robert Kiyosaki. And I saw that he had also done an interview here. So I started following him more and more and more, and I found Dan Pena too, all these business gurus. I came here to London because I found this cheap ticket, like a £5 ticket. And I decided to send an email to Brian. I wanted to do video editing, so I was like “Hey Brian, this is Dani, I’m eighteen years old, would you like me to do some videos for you…” And I sent him some videos of mine from YouTube. I really didn’t think he was going to answer me. But after two days, he just answered with two lines: “Hey Buddy, the best way to make contact with me is to sign up as an Academy member and come to one of our Focus Groups.” So I started looking for the Academy and how to sign up, and I decided to make the investment. And I signed up for the next Focus Group. That was on the 1st of January, and up until the 15th I was here in London with no job. I was working in a restaurant for a day, but I didn’t like it because I was working as a kitchen porter. So I came to the Focus Group, and it was like crazy, because, I stood up and said: “I’m Dani, and I’m looking to do video editing”, and I found out Luis who is also an editor was from Northern Spain as well, so I was like no way! So they told me to come to studio, so I came on the Monday for the first try, and they liked me. They say I have the right personality, and they liked what I was doing, and I have stayed since!”

Tell me about meeting Dan Pena. How did you pull that off?!

“I came across Dan Pena because of London Real. I was watching him, and I was like I really want to meet this guy. I saw all his castle stuff, and I was like, when I have the money I’ll go the castle somehow. When I came here, and I signed up to the Academy, and I knew I had my place at the Focus Group, I thought hey, I’m going to give it a try! So I decided to send an email to Dan Pena. I said: “Hello Mr Pena, this is Dani, I just came to London, and I just need someone to point me in the right direction, I think I have potential, and I think you are the right person. I know you will never read this, but this is just an introduction, and somehow, I know I am going to meet you at some point…” Three days later one of his assistants got back to me and said to keep reading the free stuff on his website. But then, when I got the job here in London Real, we didn’t know when Dan Pena was coming back, but suddenly we got the announcement that he was going to here on St. Valentines Day, at The Ritz. And Brian said, hey you guys should come with me and do some filming at The Ritz. On Sunday! On St. Valentines Day! So I cancelled my plans, and I just went there and I felt like an alien. A guy was playing the frickin harp, and everyone was dressed up really fancy, and I’m walking around there in my jeans. And I heard him open the door, I didn’t see him. He started talking to Brian, and I’m like oh my God, that’s his voice! Is that really him? He sounded so much like the podcast I thought it was just a recording or something like that. Then I came through the door, and I just went silent, I shook his hand and said, “nice to meet you Mr Pena”. I didn’t say anything else. But then then he came here to the studio the day after for the interview, and I thought, “if I don’t speak to him, I’m going to regret it”. So I just jumped in and before I left I said, “Hey Mr Pena, I actually sent you an email, saying I was going to meet you, and now I have.” And he just said: “Oh, I hope I missed it. Congratulations!” I just laughed and then I left.”

What would you have said two months ago, if someone said by the end of February you would be working at London Real and have met Dan Pena?

“Man I dreamed about it. I mean I actually had a dream about meeting Dan Pena! Maybe it’s a bit weird but I had a frickin dream. And I also had a dream about working here. When I came to London with no money and no job, I had a dream that was going to be working in London Real and I thought, nah, it’s impossible. But now I’m here.”

Where did you learn to manifest like that? You wrote an email, and saw a vision of meeting Dan Pena. Did you read about visions etc.?

“I actually I learned it from Tai Lopez. He always says – just give it a try. Behind the computer, there is always somebody. They is always a person, so it’s hard to get to them, but they are not aliens, so they are not somebody strange, so just try. And they also got there somehow, and maybe you remind them of themselves in the past. So just send an email, tell them how you can help them, tell them your story. And maybe you get something back. It’s the power of vision as well. If you already feel like you are going to do it, you will. When I came here to London Real, I felt, “I’m going to do it.” I didn’t give myself an option. I didn’t have anything, so it was this, or nothing.”

What is your goal for the future?

“One of my affirmations in the morning is: ‘I’m going to be the greatest filmmaker in the world.’ It sounds like I’m shooting a bit high! But like Dan Pena says, if he could go back in time, he would set his goals higher. So I’m going to set my goals high.”

What would you say to someone who had just come to London, and is working in a job they hate? 

“Don’t wait for tomorrow. You might die. Unless you are on the right path, because some things take time. But if you are not, just go, don’t wait.”

You can reach out to Dani Bonilla on the Academy or on

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Sylvie Fernandez Robles
Sylvie Fernandez Robles

Hello Dani!

So nice to read about your journey.
Your persistence and boldness go
t you there!
All the best on the great adventure!
Mucho love,