Gary Vaynerchuk, Ryan Holiday, Cara Santana, Chris Ducker And Jocko Willink

Firstly, a quick note to let you know that members of London Real Academy can now access the incredible conversation with internet guru Gary Vaynerchuk.

It was an honour to sit down with Gary – he loves what we’re doing here on the show and we loved having him the studio. Click here to access the conversation now.

We’re stepping up our game once again at London Real! Those looking to push past their comfort zone and take their business to the next level should make an application for our next Business Accelerator.

More and more I am realising that the job we are doing here at London Real is helping people confront their fears and take the risks that will help them achieve their potential.

That’s a wrap, so make sure you enjoy all the good stuff!

One thought on “Gary Vaynerchuk, Ryan Holiday, Cara Santana, Chris Ducker And Jocko Willink”

  1. “You know you are starting to make an impact when people quote you back” and I might add when you simultaneously make people laugh and cry. While it seems most did find the Jocko knock-back hilarious, here’s what I said about it over at Youtube: “WOW BRIAN. That is exactly what I felt like when my ex-girlfriend said those very same words to me when I told her in your words “I’m stepping up my game babe and I want you to join me.” It’s been 3 years and she still ignores me when I see her around town (confirmed just the other day in fact). This video brought me to tears remembering being treated like that. You’re so right Brian, when we upgrade ourselves by default our previous peers won’t go with us. You have a social heart, empathy for others suffering, and a connection to how you can influence people’s potential now. Jokco is not your peer anymore, he was simply your guest, as was my ex-girlfriend. STAY REAL and never stop upgrading!” Sorry if I misquoted you!

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