How A Horrific Motorcycle Accident Changed My Life For The Better

Meet iOS app developer and Academy member Sebastian.

Sebastian recently left his full-time job as an iOS software engineer. After the announcement of the new Apple TV and iPad Pro, he knew he couldn’t create anything for these devices. It was time for a change.

He realised it was time to build a business and bring his own ideas to life. Ultimately, the only way Sebastian wanted to work was by:

  • Being deeply engaged
  • Applying a diverse skill set
  • Feeling passionate about the outcome

Sebastian recognised London Real Academy as a “great movement from its beginning.” When he saw the new Apple platform and iPad Pro, he asked “how can the App add value to London Real?”

So, Sebastian decided to build a London Real Apple TV App. He wanted to build the App “as soon as possible,” so he “practiced letting go by focusing on one core feature that provides value to the customer and to ignore all other features” in the short-term.

He built a prototype and presented the idea to founder and host of London Real, Brian Rose. Here is the original prototype of the App and the image below is the heading of the blog Sebastian created to pitch his ideaHow did Sebastian keep on track with his full-time job and the London Real project? The biggest feature Sebastian benefits from in the Academy is the concept of “accountability.”

Sebastian told me: “Bringing people together who share this ‘growth mindset’ is such a simple idea, but to me, it’s the core unique selling proposition of the Academy.”

For the past six months, Sebastian and his Accountability Buddy Gabriele Farei, have been taking action.

This is how they stay accountable:

  • Logging tasks and habits into a live shared online sheet
  • Sharing Trello boards to observe progress on each others different projects
  • Catching up every Sunday on Skype

Below is an image of the live shared online spreadsheet:Sebastian now plans to promote the London Real Apple TV App and will update us on the #londonrealapp thunderclap when Apple approves the app to go live!

If you’re practicing your idea muscles, in an IT related business, online marketing, backend developer or gigging, Sebastian would love to chat!

In the meantime, you can check out the whole development process of the London Real Apple TV App here.

The consistent message here from London Real guests and the London Real Academy community is that we cannot live a life of authenticity, success or joy, if we are not passionate about what we are doing.

For Sebastian, a “painful learning” experience has taught him that by “not doing what you love you get nowhere, and by doing everything you love at once and timidly, you get depressed.”

In this week’s short member interiew, Academy member Anthony Arvanitakis recorded a video called ‘fail 900 times and then start succeeding’.

Anthony reveals how he’s turning his passion into a brand and how he’s building a better version of himself. Let’s see how he does it.

Member Interview with Anthony Arvanitakis

Tell us about what do you do

“My passion is fitness. If I had to summarise what I do in a sentence, it would be: I show people how to become strong and lean without going to the gym. For The last three years, I’ve been working on my brand called Homemade Muscle. I’m involved in a blog, online and offline personal coaching and I have a YouTube channel.”

What did you learn from the Tribe Meetup in Amsterdam?

“I see that a lot of people, as enthusiastic as they might feel and sound, often have no clear goals.  If you want to make a change in life you need to have clear goals and a vision of where you’re heading. A lot of people I meet on a weekly basis, are unhappy with their lives. But, when I ask them what they would like to be doing instead – they don’t usually have a clear answer.. Running AWAY from something all your life doesn’t make any sense. It doesn’t get you anywhere. You need to be running TOWARDS something.

As a famous quote says, “you’re the average of the majority of people you hang around with most”. That is why I’m always looking for cool people like London Realers to hang out with!”

Which event has shaped your identity?

“When I was 23 I had an motorcycle accident. As a result I spent 5 years in bed, I had 13 surgeries in order to save my shattered leg, and eventually had my leg amputated. Most people would think that this experience would scar a person for the rest of his life. Although it left a lot of physical scars, it also gave me the slap in the face I needed to wake up. From being a person with zero goals, no self-esteem, no tenacity, I became the opposite.”

“Sometimes physical and mental breakdowns lead to mental breakthroughs. I honestly believe that every problem hides an opportunity. It’s up to you to open up your eyes and see it! It’s up to you to use determination fuelled by your passions to make use of life’s adversities instead of running away from them!”

In your view, what are the reasons people don’t follow their passions?

“Everything starts from the way people around you treated your failures when you where young. In a lot of societies, schools, families etc, kids are conditioned to be painfully aware of their limitations instead of their potential. This conditioning is what scares a lot of people away from their passion in life. I think that in most cases, passion is something we’ve had from the moment we were born. I don’t mean that we knew exactly what we wanted to do in life at age 8. But for most of us there usually was something that when we were busy with it, time disappeared. We felt comfortable in our skin while doing it. Or another way of putting it is that we were in the zone.”

What message would you deliver to people interested in starting their own online project?

“Don’t go into something like this just because it sounds cool, or if somebody else is doing it, or because you’re bored or you just want to make money. You need to find something you are genuinely passionate about. You need to be so interested in this thing that every breath you take revolves around it!”

This question comes from Academy member, Jon Waterlow. How did you come to know what your focus would be in terms of producing videos, writing, etc? Or was this always obvious to you and you just needed to set to work on it?

“Start with the basics. A lot of people ignore the basics because they are just too basic! The fact though is that the majority never goes beyond the basics. So make sure you nail those first and also make sure you’re practicing what you preach. Content is always a lot more authentic that way. Talking about stuff you have no idea about on a experiential level is deceitful, in my opinion! No matter how good of an actor you are, people will always sense an impostor.”

If this story inspires you, then take a look at Anthony’s blog and  YouTube channel. If you have fitness and meditation goals, Anthony would like to hear from you. Get in touch or leave your comments at the bottom of this page!

Tribe Meetups

Join Academy members on 19th December for a Pre-Christmas dinner in Toronto!

Below you can see a picture of event host Marie-Judith Jean-Louis sharing her vlog about the meetup.The last Meditation Morning Coffee meetup is to be held in London on 20th December!

Come and meet our host and organiser, Academy member Guillaume Hung for a session of Mindfulness Meditation. Below is a video from last month’s session

See if there’s a Meetup scheduled in your city here, and if there isn’t let me know if you’d like to host one!

The first Focus Group dates for 2016 are SET, so keep an eye out here and get one in your diary!

Until next week’s Tribe Talk, take care and get in touch with me @noorahnaker I’d like to hear from you!

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