How To Conquer Your Business “Hands Down”

What is it about fighters that captures our imaginations?

Why do people who have no relationship with martial arts or a warrior’s life still like to spend hard cash to tune into live events where adult men and women unleash unthinkable violence on each other?

A fighter is not just a badass who can beat people up. Like Ronda Rousey, Conor Mcgregor and Chris Eubank have all shown, a fighter is an entertainer.

They fight for the crowd.

Entertainers are more than highly skilled people. They are conduits for the emotional release of the community.

That’s why Dan Hardy said a fighter needs to be a poet and an artist, as well as a gifted warrior.

You are responsible for the emotional experience of thousands, if not millions of others.

It’s pretty heavy!Michael Page is a brilliant entertainer. He doesn’t just add flare to the atmosphere of a fight; his techniques, his knockouts and victories are all as equally theatrical as they are devastating to his opponents.

Brian asks Michael to explain an iconic knockout he gained over fighter Ben Dishman.

In a sweeping roundhouse kick Michael connected and sent his opponent to floor in an instant.

At the same time he swung into a composed position glaring at the photographers without even a conscious thought of what he was doing. It’s pure theatre, and must have been terrifying and thrilling for the crowd.

It is one thing to be Muhammad Ali and talk poetry to conjure interest in a fight. It is another thing to make violent outbursts of warrior energy beautiful and exciting to watch.

Michael says he feeds off the crowd, gains energy from them, and factors them into his innovations in the ring.

Like a rockstar or a performance poet, he is channeling them, using their negative or positive emotions to create a spectacle.

This must have been what the gladiators of ancient Rome were doing. They put everything on the line to exorcise the demons and primitive desires of a nation.With the whole Ido Portal thing hitting the UFC right now, it’s important to note that Michael Page came to similar ideas through his own fighting intelligence.

He gets frustrated with dogma, as he recounts from his point-fighting days. And he spends as much time thinking about what he does in the moments between direct combat, as he does thinking about actual fighting technique.

He is big on patience, controlling the pace of a fight, and being constantly alive to what happens in the moment. Fighting is a creative process for Michael, it’s an art form as well as a craft.

This same creative adaptability also applies to Michael’s business approach, and it is what makes him an essential case study for entrepreneurs.The whole “Hands Down” brand extends into everything Michael does, not just combat. It symbolises his complete freedom, his individuality, and his unorthodox mindset.

Of course, all of these are essential to successful entrepreneurship.

But there’s something else about “Hands Down”. It gives opponents a false sense of security, it invites them in, makes them cocky.

The “Hands Down” style is about making the opponent think they have domination, while at the same time conquering through surprise.

If we can harness this principle in all areas of our life, not just fighting or business, how much more could we achieve.

In life, we are constantly being pulled and pushed by the needs and desires of others. If we adopt the “Hands Down” method, maybe we can fool them into leaving us alone, and free ourselves to control the pace of our days.I don’t know – what do you think? Am I on the right track with this?

Let me know in the comments, I’m interested to hear how you can apply “Hands Down” to your life, whatever arena you battle in.

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