‘I want to build a business I can be proud of’: A personal trainer goes all in on his passion

I meet so many young, aspiring entrepreneurs struggling in London to live off their passion. They are all talented, hard-working and bring something new to their industry.

So what it is that stops them from releasing the breaks?

Having gone through the Dan Pena treatment and experienced the blocks of being a business owner for myself, I think I know. It is fear of the unknown, fear of consequences that are outside my control.

Sonam Bligh is a perfect example of a business owner who has everything it takes to conquer his industry. Yet he has joined us on the London Real Business Accelerator to push past that final wall of resistance, fear and uncertainty.

I picked his brain about why he applied for the course and what he wants to achieve. Here is what he told me:

Tell me about your journey as an entrepreneur in the fitness industry, up until this point.

My career as a personal trainer has been financially and emotionally draining but also rewarding because I’ve trained hundreds of people whether in a group classes or one to one.  Once you qualify as a PT you have the opportunity to run your own business and develop a career that you can build around your life. However, it’s been a lifestyle business for me and its too easy to slip into bad habits and take my ‘eye off the ball’.

I have two things going for me I like to keep reasonably fit and I was born with a ‘..cup is half full attitude..’.

Training for a new career as a level 3 personal trainer 3 years ago asked everything of me. I found the course very tough but also easy because I had no other work options so I had to pass and I had to make it work.

Working for yourself is a big step up and often I feel bad because I’m not training more people but through my life experience, I often identify what needs to be done and then ignore it! I think that’s called denial..The journey so far has been very frustrating because I feel I’ve not reached my potential. On the other hand I’ve pushed my comfort zone much further than your average PT and thus know i’m tough and can achieve much more.

Would you recommend people to enter the fitness industry?

If you enjoy helping people and you like to keep fit why not go for it!

You will find that you attract people who are like you! So being able to talk to a wide range of people helps. There is lots of opportunity so go for it.

How important is social media to your industry?

Depends on your target audience. BUT fundamentally yes I admit it’s crucial. I *%£ing hate Social Media because I’m a shy person.

How hard is it in London to run your own business?

Every entrepreneur is different and has their own way of making their dream come true. In my experience other income streams are crucial. It’s hard to make the self-employed jump without back-up.

What prompted you to finally make the decision to sign up for the Accelerator?

I’m very scared to take the course but I’m disciplined enough to keep moving forward. I suppose there is a combination of both inspiration and desperation here! I don’t want to live a “normal” life. I’m always trying to push my limits so this seemed like the logical step. Also, I look up to the cats at London Real. I trust, respect and believe in their advice, so it’s time to start making changes.

What do you hope to achieve by the end of the Accelerator?

I want to create a personal training business I am truly proud of. I have come a long away, but I want to build a more self-assured business, and I think the course will help me cultivate higher self-esteem about what i have to offer.

In terms of concrete goals I want to completely redesign my website and build an airtight social media infrastructure and sort out my admin. I’d like to improve my email and promotions.


If you are like Sonam and you want to finally pull the trigger and go all in on your ideas and your dreams, apply now for the London Real Business Accelerator. I’m looking forward to getting you across that goal-line!

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