‘I’d trust no one else with my time, energy and money’: How a Business Accelerator graduate upped his game

“Vision is not only the first step in creating your pitch, it is essential to your company’s development because it provides direction and ensures you aren’t getting too far off track.”

Joe Salazar is a public speaking coach who has developed his own business around his skills. The Salazar Method is built around the idea that conviction, values and what Simon Sinek called The Why, are far more important that techniques when it comes to communicating your message.

A graduate of the first London Real Business Accelerator Joe had his big “aha” moment when he realised his own personal skills could be turned into a full blown company.

I spoke to Joe about how the BizAcc helped him build an airtight business around his passion.

What prompted you to apply for the BizAcc? 

I went back to school in 2010 because I was afraid of doing nothing my life. And while it was a good start, I struggled with the urge to leave again as I always had. Since I was young, I always had trouble with adopting someone else’s perspective on the world. Instead, I wanted to give a voice to the ideas within me, but I was unsuccessful at figuring out how.

But in the winter of 2014, I began watching London Real and my thinking drastically began to change. And by the end of my first year in law school (May 2015), I realized two things: 1. I didn’t want to work as a lawyer; and 2. my attitude was the only real obstacle in my life.

Finally, after watching hours and hours of Brian’s interviews, webinars, and bonus content, I believed in his mission of “building the best you.” More importantly, I saw how the content of London Real and the Academy developed into a cohesive framework that provided practical steps for how to do this. So, when the BizAcc opened up, there was no one else I was willing to trust with my time, energy, and money.

Was there an “aha” moment for you, and when did it occur?

YES. In January of 2015, I watched the Suranga Chandratillake episode, and it all finally clicked. “If you want to make an impact, then one of the smartest, easiest, most efficient ways of doing that is to start a company.”

What changed after this moment?

The dots finally got connected, and I saw a clear path that would allow me to align my experiences, perspectives, and vision. Starting a company was THE ANSWER.  And as the son of small business owners, I knew I had the entrepreneurial spirit and drive to make it happen.

What are the big takeaways from the course? 

Start before you are ready. You can always pivot later, but taking action now is the only thing that matters.

In your opinion what mistakes do most new entrepreneurs make? 

Especially with the age of mobile apps, many entrepreneurs think success is a direct result of just having a good idea. It takes hard, hard work to build a business and get it to scale just as it does with any traditional company. But you need vision just as much as you need a product. Yes, it’s true that ideas aren’t much without execution, but having the vision gives you and everyone else a better understanding of WHY your product is meaningful. Vision is not only the first step in creating your pitch, it is essential to your company’s development because it provides direction and ensures you aren’t getting too far off track.

How can a course like this help you avoid these rookie mistakes?

By requiring weekly “deliverables,” participants are forced to take action and meet deadlines (i.e., smart goals) early on. This aspect of the program is extremely valuable because it immediately tests whether the participants have the integrity and discipline necessary to build their business.  And for those participants who demonstrate commitment to their path, the BizAcc provides them with a structured set of action steps that demonstrates how to efficiently focus their energy and time for maximum impact.

Who is your favourite London Real guest, and why? 

Anastasia Emmanuel. Her interview was the first London Real episode I ever watched, and I was amazed with her energy and insight. She was speaking about this new world of entrepreneurs and tech that I had never touched before.  I was at a bad place then during my first semester of law school, but that interview was the beginning of a great shift in my life. After watching that episode, I felt such a strong attraction to the idea of creating something of my own. Additionally, I knew that I wanted to be around people like her with that much vision, purpose, and drive.

If you want to engage with Jo you can fine him on Twitter as @JoseSalazarIII

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