It’s not about “me”, it’s about “we”: What I learned from the London Real Academy Summit

The Summit was a momentous occasion. It was a celebration of this fantastic community.

It was an opportunity for everybody to come together on what has been achieved so far in almost one year since the Academy was first established. It was a gathering of Academy members from all across the world at the same time in the same place.

I really feel that it is down to each one of us to make the step towards building connections and making true conversations happen in the community.

So for me, the Summit was fundamental in bringing us all together so that we could engage in quality time and face-to-face interaction as an opportunity for real relationships to form!

It is a prime example of community as a culture, that we are a living, breathing community that exists outside of the walls of the London Real Studio.  

I think the most contemplative talk for me was by Chris Eubank: “Don’t be afraid to steal ideas because no-one is an original.”

Our originality depends on what becomes of this idea! Chris reminded me of the most important values and principles in life.

For me, these are to be authentic, to be gentle in your words and actions, to FEEL your thoughts, your intentions, your words and your actions, because feeling impacts on everything, including the way you choose to communicate with others.

Chris says embrace negative criticism, welcome it, go one step further and ask for more.

Hopefully in the process, we will all be inspired to apply more feeling in our lives so that that we can truly live by what we say and not divert from our original intentions or goals.

I see a London Real community in each City of the world with an ambassador representing the community in that City. I want us to inspire millions and to be inspired.

The whole Summit experience made me realise that collaboration is my concept of success.

When people come to live by what they say, that’s success, when they take action, that’s success, when they take an idea and apply it, that’s success, when they go to learn a new skill, that’s success.

I learned so much from you guys, and from the whole Summit day in general. Our journey so far is a culmination of our experiences on a personal and professional level, our age and our skills. Where we go from here is entirely dependent on our choice, and our current mind-set.

I see London Real Academy as an organic community built on hard work rather than “raw talent.”

Being part of a network of people with different talent and experience like this, challenges us to growth and action because it opens us up to seeing our true potential.

In terms of what impresses me the most, it is the sheer love and respect that each Academy member has for one another that I am admired by, because we need this strong foundation to begin with.

As Chris Eubank said at the Summit, we need a collaborative mind-set. It is not about “me,” it is about “we.”

Tribe Meetups

Lots of meetups happening soon, so make sure you keep and eye out for London Real things happening in your area!

If you want to organise your own meeting don’t hesitate to contact me on @noorahnaker

Join us for:

  • Yoga in NYC
  • Tribe Dinner in NYC
  • Sunday Tribe Run in London

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