Precision, Timing, Vision: Conor McGregor’s Life Lessons

To say that Conor McGregor has shaken the world would be an understatement. His work with Ido Portal, a friend of London Real and a favourite guest among our viewers, has literally changed the face of mixed martial arts fighting.

Many of the ideas that Conor uses and advocates have been around for while. Ido, as you know, has been laying the foundation for a new movement practice for years.

What Conor brings, however, is charisma. Like Chris Eubank told me, everyone respects a fighter, so if they see a champion living what he preaches, the world pays attention.

Here are three lessons I’ve learned watching Conor McGregor:

  1. Precision beats power, timing beats speed
  2. If you believe you are unbeatable you will be
  3. There is no enemy but yourself

  1. Precision beats power, and timing beats speed, every time

This comes from something Conor said to Joe Rogan after beating Jose Aldo. Aldo held the title for five years and was unbeaten for ten years.

Conor, despite his pre-fight antics, was respectful to Adlo’s skills but said that being powerful and fast is not enough.

Precision and timing don’t come from brute force, nor do they come from talent. They come intelligence and hard work.

No matter how talented you are or what your genetics are, what marks out the champion in any arena is smarts, and disciplined practice. Conor proved that to the world in the Octagon.2. If you believe you are unbeatable, you will be

We’ve all heard about the power of envisioning and affirmation. But it’s strange to hear a champion prizefighter confirm that they work.

It’s one thing to read about the power of vision in a book, another thing to see a trained warrior walk the talk in a deadly fight.

The difference with Conor and most of the self-help wisdom you’ll come across is that Conor’s vision includes hard work and commitment.

You can’t dream a UFC belt into existence, but you need a vision coupled with determination is makes a true warrior.3. There is no enemy, only yourself

Yet another gem from one of Conor’s infamous interviews. The point here is that your biggest battle in life is against yourself.

This goes back to Sun Tzu. If you master yourself, you become unbeatable, because an enemy wins by putting you in a state of fear or panic.

True knowledge and mastery of the self means not being controlled by your subconscious or your fears. As long as you know your enemy too, you’ll never be beaten. This applies to everything, from making that pitch, or having a happy marriage.

To know yourself, you have to love yourself. And let’s face it, Conor McGregor has no issue there!So there you have it. Conor has so much to offer as a sportsman and a martial artist. Even though some people don’t know how to take his crazy pre-fight hype, there is no doubt he is a new kind of athlete.

Let me know what you think about the controversial Irishman!

5 thoughts on “Precision, Timing, Vision: Conor McGregor’s Life Lessons”

  1. Well, Conor is very brash which can be off-putting to many but as he says, it’s him being himself, it’s no act.
    I hope he does well in his upcoming fights as people will have to take notice, mixed martial arts will have to develop along different guidelines, movement will become more important, and repetitive training of certain skills will become just another part of the mix.

  2. To some he rubs the wrong way or comes off as being a $hittalker, but if you really hear what he says, it’s very intelligent and precise. The fact that he never cancels a fight, and willing to fight anyone they put it in front of them. The latest 196 pre-presser, people thought Diaz would be able to stand toe-to-toe with words, but if anyone saw it, Conor’s wit is unmatched and Diaz sounded like a cursing idiot. Conor’s main point is to make as much money as possible. He’s never lied or said otherwise. An MMA career is relatively short, so you have to make the most of it. He’s making the most and then some, and he’s doing exactly what needs to be done to maximize his profits. That’s what smart entrepreneurs and business people do.

    1. I completely agree with everything, but not with the statement of Diaz sounding like an idiot. Here I totally disagree. Diaz might be Conor’s first opponent playing the mind game toe-to-toe with him. Diaz might not seem very intellectual when talking, but as you think of Diaz as an idiot, so might many other people think of Conor with his tattoos and constant interruptions during press conferences for example.
      If you have been following MMA for the last 10 years you know that nobody else dominated the mind game as much as the Diaz brothers. The Diaz brothers are known for not having the richest vocabulary, but don’t be fooled by that. Cause if someone got emotional at the pre-presser…. well just look at Conor’s reaction when accused of steroids.
      To sum up: Conor vs. Diaz might be the biggest match up, two MMA heros, let’s enjoy it and not call one of them an idiot, because both are far from being idiots.

      1. Definitely ate my words as after hearing Diaz win and then talk after the fight…I’ve always been a fan but really respect the guy now.. I heard that he’s just like that during fight week but otherwise is a laid back, nice and intelligent guy, and I agree after hearing the many post-fight interviews. I know Diaz will take it again at UFC 202, he’s just way to big at 170 for Conor. Props for Conor for taking on anyone, I do hope it’s a good fight and close for 202, but after this he needs to go back to 145 defend the belt in a rematch against Aldo and then potentially think about a few 155 fights before challenging the champion..who ever it may be.

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