Push. Grind. Grow. How Community Sparks Transformation

What we have really learnt from the Summit is that when we come together as a community, our productivity quickens and our creativity skyrockets, more so than if we were to do it alone.

So to help you reach your goals, we are investing in ways to make it easier for you to connect, learn and create with each other.

Recently, we have been working on something awesome, which is the the NEW Live Chat and Video Call! We want to bring you visual and aural experience because we know that beating this kind of raw efficiency is hard!

Just as we have so much to learn from LR guests, there is plenty to be learnt from each other. So, next week, Academy member Kevin McNamara is to host our first ever Interactive Video Call: HOW To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone.

But before that, I want to show you “how” Kevin  is becoming a real thought leader on the subject of “comfort zones” and why you should get involved in our group video call on 31st March!

Member Interview

What inspired you to this point?

My daughter, Holly, died at 5 months of age to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. That obviously takes you way out of your comfort zone and has the potential to crush your life forever. I was crushed for a long time. But there comes a time where you have to ask yourself ‘What am I doing with my life? I didn’t have the answers for a long time. Holly’s death was followed by two more kids being born, a divorce, another marriage and yet another divorce all within around 5 years. That tends to shake your confidence, a lot! I started dabbling in meditation after those experiences and that really helped. I met my partner Joy, in 2008 and that’s when life really started to change for the better. However in 2012 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, which was another major challenge! Again, I was whisked out of my comfort zone. To cut a long story short I healed myself through eating whole foods, fruit, vegetables, fresh juices and fasting, exercise, sunshine and fresh air. And no medical intervention. Life has thrown some curve balls, but I refuse to give in and keep jumping outside the comfort zone to push grind and grow. So what inspires me? Holly, my other two kids Liam and Ally, who are fantastic, my partner Joy who inspires me everyday and just getting out and inspiring others to change their lives and start living with purpose, happiness and passion. My whole life experience has driven me to where I am today.”

How does the The 52 Week ‘Get Out of Your Comfort Zone’ Challenge work?

It first came about when I saw a couple of posts on the London Real Academy group page where the guys had achieved a really good goal by getting out of their comfort zones. I thought to myself ‘Imagine getting out of your comfort zone once a week for a year! Imagine the goals and changes you would see in your life after 12 months’. So I set up a Facebook Group and when you join the group you have to announce your 12 month goal then tell us your challenge for the week. You then post updates weekly in either a video or picture post with how you are going. It is a really amazing group of people from all round the world with some amazing challenges. And the challenges don’t stop after 12 months. We always have to keep pushing grinding and growing.”

What results have you got so far from others? How has this affected people’s lives?

“The most inspiring post so far has been Melissa Yap from the Academy where her challenge was to do one push up for the week. She did a 10 day time lapse video of her struggling to do the one push up. After 10 days, she was doing 4 or 5. She affected all of us and really showed what you can achieve with persistence. Early in the piece, myself, Dan Lemmon and few others did juice fasting challenges over 7 days. Through that, so many others are now doing fasts, liver cleanses, giving up chocolate and sugar. Amazing health results for people changing their diets. Ben Faulkner was so impressed with juicing he now has his wife and child juicing as well as starting a food blog. Daniel Ahovi is another who had a goal to run 1 mile every day for a week and rain hail or shine he was there with a video even late at night running his 1 mile. He has now joined a gym and goes 3 times a week and is running longer distances as a result. Another inspiring result. There are many others of course and I would be here all day telling you about them but for those who would like to be inspired and change their lives come and join the 52 Week Comfort Zone Challenge tribe!”

Where do you hope to take this in the future once people are out of their comfort zones?

“Getting out of your comfort zone is something you never stop doing. The more you do it the more you grow. Our motto is Push Grind Grow. You push yourself out of your comfort zone, grind away at the challenge you have, and then sit back after and see how far you have grown. And we never stop growing. You stop growing and you die inside. So we will all be pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones till the day we die.”

What’s next for you?

“I am setting up a website and have a YouTube channel already set up – Get Out of Your Comfort Zone TV. I want to make this my inspiring business and live and breathe it each day. Its my passion and purpose. Joy and I are setting up Comfort Zone seminars both in Australia and round the world also, which is exciting. I also want to travel 6 months of every year doing travel vlogs all round the world for our YouTube channel. My greatest loves are helping people, travelling and making videos. So lots of challenges ahead for me yet.”

How will your App work? How will it add value to people’s lives?

“The App will allow people to set goals and then see what they need to do to achieve that goal. So there will be challenges set each week to drive them to each individual goal. It’s early days for the App, but it is all a learning curve for me because it will be my first ever app. Archie Ology from the Academy is helping me big time and I can’t thank him enough!”

What were your comfort zones and what made you break out of them to realise what you wanted to do?

“One of the biggest comfort zones I had was not asking for help. It was easier and more comfortable to say nothing and just give up on my ideas. When I was younger I was the shyest kid ever at school. It was horrible. I was always too scared or I thought they wouldn’t help or I wasn’t good enough for them to speak to. It was a combination of things, but it comes down to lack of confidence and self esteem. That has changed big time now. It wasn’t until I joined the Academy that I really pushed myself to ask for help and speak to people who surprise surprise would help! We spend much of our life too worried about the good opinion of other people. Thanks to the likes of Peter Sage and Dan Peña, that has changed for me.”

What makes you think/feel this is the important thing to do? 

I just have a ‘knowing’ that what I am doing is what I need to be doing and that it is important for me to do. I really ‘know’ this is my purpose. I know now I inspire people and I have always been too scared to say that in case I get criticised! I don’t care anymore. I do what I do with total love and passion to help others discover that a life full of excitement, adventure, passion and inspiration exists outside their comfort zone.”

If you’re interested in finding out “HOW” to escape your comfort zone, join us on this Group Video Call next week. Places are limited!See if there’s a Meetup scheduled in your city here, and if there isn’t let me know what Meetup you’d like to see and if you’d like to host one!

Until next week’s Tribe Talk, have a great week, and if you’d like to get in touch with me, message me @noorahnaker – I’d love to hear from you!

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