Quit Your 9 To 5 In 2016

Welcome to the first Tribe Talk of 2016!

I’m excited to share another year with you and to meet you if you have just begun your journey with us here in the Academy!

As it’s our first January at the Academy, we kicked off January 1st by sharing our goals for 2016! Here is Brian with his New Year message to Academy members.Many of us start the new year setting big goals, and grand resolutions.

As Brian’s New Year message suggests, the Academy quickly teaches us that it’s not enough to have ideas and good intentions. Ideas need to be distilled into goals to make them actionable and achievable.

When Academy member, generator engineer and introvert Bryn Fry joined the Academy in August 2015, he set SMART goals that paved the way for him to escape the 9 to 5 grind and follow his thirst for entrepreneurialism.

Just under half a year of being an Academy member, Bryn will have reached the goal he set out to achieve by January 20th 2016! You can see the extract of the post below, but here is the full post.For Bryn, growing up in a “very low income family” and getting stuck in a job he “hates,” has been “character forging.” Instead of putting up with false values, he used the experience as the driving force to accomplish his SMART goals.

In this member interview, Bryn explains some of the things we MUST do to stay FOCUSED on our goals. He says we need to:

  • Find our purpose and set the right goals for the right reasons
  • Be smarter about how we set goals
  • Build positive habits
  • Get the support of like-minded people to stay motivated and on track

Check out the interview and get inspired to live up to our full potential this year and start something GREAT in 2016!

Member Interview with Bryn Fry

Tell us about yourself

“My name is Bryn Fry and although I was born in England and lived there for a few years, I moved to France with my parents when I was 11. After having a lot of trouble learning French, I ended up doing pretty well in school, not because I was the brightest but because having to learn another language really pushes you to work hard just to keep up with the other students! After doing some work experience with the local electrician, I think that is when I really realised that I wanted to become an entrepreneur. Unfortunately like most people, I took my parents advice and continued my studies to get an electrical engineering diploma. After I received my diploma, I went to work for someone else. As you can imagine, for someone that is an entrepreneur at heart, I am not at all fulfilled with this job, or any job come to that. Although I have been trying to escape the 9 to 5 while dabbling on and off online for the last few years, it wasn’t until I spent a whole evening and morning speaking to an entrepreneur that I realised that talking about business and entrepreneurship is something I’m passionate about! That is when I decided to start this podcast.”

What is the ethos and grand dream behind your podcast?

“The subject of this podcast is really dear to my heart. Starting a business when you have a family to support and bills to pay whilst doing long hours at work, just isn’t easy at all! I really wanted to discover and share how other entrepreneurs had succeeded at it! In this podcast, I interview an entrepreneur every other week who has previously escaped a 9 to 5. I ask them questions about their old job, what they did to break free, and I explore how they got over the obstacles even though sometimes it felt like everything was against them. To make it even more interesting, I decided to add a bonus podcast every other week. The bonus episodes are accountability calls between my Accountability Partner Scott and I. Viewers get to hear our own progress as we both start our businesses in different industries. This offers a contrast. People not only get to hear about how other entrepreneurs have managed to escape the 9 to 5, but they also get to see it in real time what two people who are stuck in a 9 to 5 job are doing week by week to escape!”

How do you find time to build your podcast while working a 60-hour week?

“Well I can’t say that it has been easy! For a start, I’ve had to cut off two hours sleep every night, which I normally do by starting at 4am. I have also had to take time optimisation to the next level! Where I have basically split the day into different time zones. Depending on what time zone I am in during the day, I only do certain tasks. For example, when I get up at 4am, I have about two solid hours where I can concentrate 100%. There is no noise or disturbance during this time, so I do things like create content or solve website problems. During the day when I am at my 9 to 5, I spend a lot of time driving. I spend this time listening to audiobooks and podcasts when I need to learn a certain subject. If I get a small 1 to 2 min break at work, this is when I will look at my e-mails. I also set-up tasks for the next day and set a timer when I sit down to work on my business. When the timer goes off every 30 minutes, I realise how much time I’ve spent doing something valuable. It really pushes you to respect time and not to waste it!”

What is the value of accountability?

“It’s very easy to write down goals but not so easy to get them done! Even when you are passionate about what you do, there are times that you would much rather stay in bed. When you know you have set goals that are being viewed by someone else, it automatically obliges you to get them done. Therefore I would say accountability is definitely in the top three most important things that you need to reach your goals! I meet my Accountability Partner on Skype every two weeks to go over the weekly goals we’ve set ourselves. It’s not a rigid accountability call. It’s something I look forward to because we get to talk about our businesses, our projects, and exchange ideas! It’s also something that boosts me back up when I’m feeling a bit low. As recommended by Brian, I posted my S.M.A.R.T goals up on my profile page on London Real Academy and of course shared them with my Accountability Partner. When you’ve publicly said that you’re going to do something and shared it with someone who is going to hold you accountable, you haven’t got much choice but to do it!

If you’d like to hear what these accountability calls sound like, this is a Skype call Bryn recorded in November 2015!

Below is an image of Bryn and Scott’s accountability chart:How has being in the Tribe helped you grow and achieve your goals?

“I would have to say that it is just the general energy and positiveness of all the people in the Academy! If you go up to one of your co-workers or even family members and say: “Hey I’ve got a great idea…” The very common responses are: “I don’t know that might be a bit risky…,” “If it hasn’t been invented yet there is a reason,” or “That person just succeeded because they got lucky…” Usually they just look at you as if you were nuts! In the Academy, no-one judges you, and everyone is willing to help the second you have a question or problem. It’s just a completely different world! If none of your friends or family follow your mindset, sometimes you can feel like your batteries are drained. Unless you re-charge them again by talking to like-minded people, the already difficult task might just become impossible. One of the biggest problems I have had in the past is feeling alone in my ventures and not having anyone to be accountable to! Having a group of like-minded people is so critically important because as you’ve probably heard before, other people tend to rub off on you! When all you hear is negative feedback about work, politics, and the news, you can’t help but be affected by it. On the flip side, when you are around positive, creative people that want to move forward and progress, it also rubs off on you! When I posted my introduction video and said I wanted to start a podcast, everyone was supportive and helpful! I even got my first podcast interview with Stephen Tierney from mind cell who is an Academy member!” That is why London Real Academy is so great! It’s thanks to the Academy that I have also found an incredible Accountability Partner who is just an all-round great person!”

What would you say to an Academy member trying to start something?

“It’s just a question of following something you’re passionate about, then staying focused, and not giving up until you succeed! I spent years trying different things to make enough money to escape my 9 to 5 job, but I wasn’t passionate about any of them, so I never really had much success. Was it because they were bad ideas? No not at all, I’m pretty sure that a lot of them would have worked if I had followed through. The only problem was that I didn’t have the passion to push through when the going got tough! And it seemed a lot easier to jump on the next shiny object! It was only after years and years of hearing people say that you need to follow your passion that I finally accepted it. Once I had decided to find my passion, it probably took me about 3 to 4 months of turning it around in my head every single day until one day I was talking to a new acquaintance who is an entrepreneur, and I finally had the light bulb moment! As I’m writing this, I am still stuck in a job I hate so in no way am I an expert. However, I can see the finish line from where I’m standing. It’s just a case of putting one foot in front of the other. My advice is: Just start. There is no other way around it! You can think it to death all you like, but until you take that first step, all you have got are theories!”

What’s next? What are your SMART goals for 2016?

  • I will publish a really good article every month that I will either post on my own blog or as a guest post, to get visitors and backlinks to my website (12 in total this year).
  • By June 2016 I will have 200 email subscribers, and before the 1st of December 2016 I will have 1000 email subscribers.
  • By the end of June 2016 I’ll have interviewed at least 12 guests, and by the end of 2016, 25 guests.
  • By June 2016 I will get 200 downloads of my podcast per episode, and by December 2016 I will get 2000 downloads per episode.
  • By April 2016 I will have set up affiliate links to audible, elegant themes and Bluehost to start receiving a small residual income.
  • By November 2016 I will have created my own “something” which might be a course or a membership system to earn enough money online to be able to quit my 9 to 5 job by 31 December 2016.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

“Yes. I know from first-hand experience how difficult it can be when you are stuck in a job you hate, with hardly any time left over at the end of the day to work on your goals. I would love to give as many Academy members as possible the skills necessary to escape 9 to 5!”

If you are an entrepreneur who has escaped the 9 to 5 and would like to be featured on Bryn’s podcast, please contact Bryn at bryn@escapingninetofive.com.

As Bryn sets his SMART goals for 2016, what are your SMART goals? Leave them in the comments below!

Tribe Meetups

Our first meetup of this month will be taking place in New York City. Make it a year of difference and start making those offline connections. The event takes place on 10th January. There’s still time to make your booking!Next, Academy member Kevin McNamara is to host the second Google Hangout for Aussie members. If you’re based in Australia, don’t be shy! This is an opportunity to meet other Aussie Realers on 14 January!

See if there’s a Meetup scheduled in your city here, and if there isn’t let me know what Meetup you’d like to see and if you’d like to host one!

Until next week’s Tribe Talk, have a great week, and if you’d like to get in touch with me, message me @noorahnaker – I’d love to hear from you!

Oh and by the way, the first Focus Group dates for January 2016 are getting filled, so leave your RSVP here or book onto one of our February slots!

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