Real Change, No Gimmicks – 3 Things I Learned From Jamie Alderton

Here at London Real we have so much love for former guest and body transformation coach, and London Real Academy Member, Jamie Alderton

One thing I really like about Jamie is this quiet confidence he has.

He’s not trying to prove himself. He’s done the work, he’s been around the block and he knows what gets results and what doesn’t.

In that sense he’s not selling anything. Jamie is fundamentally an educator, and he wants to make people’s lives better.

Here are just some of the top takeaways I got from my discussion with Jamie:

  1. Consistency is King

  2. Responsibility matters

  3. Lasting change trumps the quick fix

1. Consistency is King

Jamie comes from a military background, so the importance of routine and taking action are central to how he approaches his work.

In an industry so saturated with mixed messages, the truth is basically not that sexy. What gets results is setting goals, building a routine and sticking to it all the way.

Most of us will do anything not to face that fact.

But as Jamie tells me in the interview, repetition and sticking to the plan is ultimately what sets apart winners from losers.

2. Responsibility matters

Jamie tells a story of how he was dropping weight before a modelling competition, and he was in a busy shop getting grouchy and agitated with the crowds.

He was just about to have a go at the attendant when the young man recognises him!

Jamie realised how close he was to failing in his responsibilities as a public figure. He says that now he always imagines how he is behaving from the outside.

If you were an onlooker, would you be happy with the way you are behaving right now?

We have a responsibility to those around us, especially if we are showing leadership, to always be on our A-game, attend to the details and show dignity in everything we do.

Jamie is a perfect example of someone who does that.

3. Lasting change, not quick fixes

Jamie is most passionate when he talks about the psychology of nutrition and fitness.

He has no time for people who just want to get a beach body, or who want to set false goals like benching this or that, or getting some stupidly low body fat percentage.

Jamie says he only works with people who have life-long goals, who want to make deep and lasting changes.

The reason, he says, is because short-term goals usually end up driving us backwards because we lose faith when they don’t work.

Jamie’s all about getting the job done, and when it comes to health, the job never ends. It’s about making a commitment to yourself to change your lifestyle, not your image.Like all successful people, Jamie walks his talk. That’s what makes him a great teacher.

So much of what Jamie talked about in our discussion can be applied in all areas of life not just fitness.

He’s all about the mindset, the psychology, and again, it’s that high performance military attitude that he’s been able to harness and apply to his work.

There’s big love at London Real for Jamie, so let me know in the comments below what YOUR takeaway from this episode was, and how you have managed to apply it to your life on a daily basis.

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Ben Faulkner

One thing I took from Jamie was ha img the right information. I have had time where I have tried to be healthier and lose weight. I ha e a good understanding oft he properties of different types of food but I have never sat down and worked out how many calories I was putting in my body before and after changing eating habits so how was I supposed to know what was working and to what extent. I will be making sure I have the right data in future to understand exactly what I am doing.

John Smitoza

steroids = gimmick