James Altucher on improving 1% a day

Too often our goals and dreams get caught up in the same old boom and bust cycle. We do so well, and then we fall off. We live good then start bingeing again.

This is natural. We are human. Oftentimes we are pushing too hard, and we find it difficult to process the failures when the come.

The trick here is to see our progress as evolution rather than overnight transformation. It was James Altucher who really hit this home for me.

James really broke down what he said in his TED Talk. The key to escaping the boom and bust cycle for him was making sure he improved 1% each day.

There are four main areas James recommends making these improvements in:

  1. Physical health
  2. Emotional well-being
  3. Spiritual/gratitude
  4. Mental health – working the ideas muscle!

1. Physical health

James is no gym rat. All he recommends is improving things gradually, going for walks, cutting back on drink and junk food. Taking better care of yourself, basically.

To get momentum in physical health, start small. All you need to do is make sure you are progressing, pushing yourself more each day. This way you will start to notice changes quicker than you think!

2. Emotional health

The relationships in our lives are crucial, and it’s not just about being around successful people.

It’s a question of what James terms “love and trust”. Are the people in your life supportive, loving and invested in your success? If not, then simply make small steps each day to reach out to new people, or spend time in new environments. Remember, it’s not overnight. Small changes.

3. Spirituality and gratitude

Spirituality is not a word James uses, and in his TED Talk he explains it’s about simply seeing opportunities rather than limitations.

He told me that he deals with anxiety and fear by turning each challenge or difficulty into a gratitude exercise. It’s easy to be grateful for the things we love, but giving thanks for the tough stuff often turns struggle into opportunity. Experiment. A 1% shift in your daily  mindset is progress!

4. Mental health

James is a business success, because he put creativity at the centre of his daily life. He uses his now famous waiter pads to record at least ten ideas each day.

Some of these ideas might never come to anything. It’s not the point. Simply exercising the ideas muscle improves your mental health, keeps you innovative and alert to your environment. It also stops you falling into unhelpful thought patterns. This is such a big part of how James broke his boom and bust cycles.It took me four years to build this business. I simply made sure I was putting one foot in front of the other every day, releasing an episode week in week out.

Running your own business is a marathon not a sprint, but people too easily get caught up in the image of success rather than laying the foundations.

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Face the challenge and evolve: What RJ Mitte taught me

Part of what success means to us here at London Real is how well people overcome challenges.

The more high performance people I talk to, the more I realise none of has any excuses. No matter what you face today, you have the choice to see it as a way of evolving, or a reason to stay stuck in resistance.

No one allowed me to see this more than Breaking Bad star RJ Mitte.

Here are three things he taught me:

  1. Disability Is A Gift
  2. Your Challenges Are Your IP
  3. Don’t Live In Fear

  1. Disability Is A Gift

RJ has been through something even most people with disabilities would never experience – developing an onscreen character whose disabilities are part of a much wider narrative.

I am convinced that the creative challenge of harnessing his Cerebral Palsy to develop a fictional portrayal in Breaking Bad gave RJ a new perspective on his disability. It allowed him to see it not only as a strength, but as something incredibly special.

Our disabilities are gifts, and if we explore them creatively, they become gifts that keep on giving.2. Your Challenges Are Your IP

Your flaws are not there to be fixed or cured, your flaws are there to make you who you are.

In a digital economy, your business is based on who you are, not what you do. It’s about your IP.

RJ hammered this home to me, as his life is a stark example of how this new way of defining yourself in your industry really does work!

If RJ can turn CP into a source of power YOU have no excuse!3. Don’t Live In Fear

Sounds easy right? You’ve heard it before, but how many times in a day do you not do something because it scares you or it is easier not to.

It is not just CP that makes RJ special. It is his work-ethic, passion and humility.

I asked RJ if he was intimidated as a 14-year-old working with great established actors.

The truth is he wasn’t! He was more interested in doing a good job, focusing on his own potential and living up to the passion of those in his team.

Fear is a distraction. That’s all it is. You are here to do a job, to live a fulfilled life so that others can too. Don’t get bogged down in comparing yourself to others, or your self-esteem anxieties. Just focus on your mission.Okay, that is just three of the things that stuck with me after an awesome conversation with RJ Mitte.

Let me know a situation that you can choose to see as a disability or a chance to evolve, TODAY. I look forward to your answers!