Accountability in Action – Tribe Talk #13

When starting our journey towards achieving our goals, most of us will create our vision and pave out the path that will move us closer to reaching our goals. Despite that, the biggest obstacle that can stand in our way is the inaction that we can cause ourselves.

As the community grows, we need to look at why accountability is built into the fabric of London Real Academy as one of the drivers of performance.

If you look at the question I asked in the Private London Real Academy Facebook Group, you’ll see a big number of Academy Members voting YES to stepping up and taking action towards their personal or business goals with a buddy:Think of your accountability buddy as someone to

  • remind you of your commitments
  • give you valuable feedback
  • ensure you track your progress
  • help you course-correct when necessary

This week’s featured Academy Members and accountability partners, Tim van Zwieteren and William Peynsaert are doing just that!

With such diverse attributes, Tim and William show why having an accountability partner who is outside of your industry, can provide you with fresh insight.

If you want to find out how the process of accountability makes you become clear-minded, intentional and ready to take on your goals, then this member interview shares some of the responses they give about how accountability is contributing to their overall success.

Featured Members

Tim van Zwieteren and William Peynsaert

Tell us about yourself and what you do

Tim “After high school I did a study where I had to work four days and go one day to school. I worked at the audit department of Deloitte. I got fooled by the money status and quit after 2.5 years. After traveling for a half year I started my Bachelors degree in Economics. I finished it, but I did not like it at all. Then, I did a moderately interesting Masters degree and at this moment I am writing up my thesis. Happily, the topic of my thesis is pretty interesting. Besides being a student I play the saxophone, I enjoy fitness & exercise, and I enjoy food, nutrition and cooking.”

William – “I’m a therapist, based in Belgium. At the same time I’m also a playwright. I organise my own theatre events, together with other writers and actors. I also translate, mostly texts in Slavic languages, and I’m writing a PhD about the American Civil War. The common thread through all this, is my desire to educate people about psychology and how the human mind works, how we can be manipulated, how we can listen to our gut feeling, and so on. My career and my spare time are one and the same thing. I get paid to do what I love.”

What are your main goals?

Tim –  “After experiencing what I do NOT want, I now know what I do want. I want to be an entrepreneur, or at least work in a small company with a lot of personal freedom that is replacing a common object, with a more sustainable one. My whole life and especially the last couple of years, I see that there is a lot to improve in this world regarding sustainability. My mission is to make a contribution to this improvement.”

William: “To stage three plays every year, and to one day own my own theatre, in the same building where I have my therapy practice. At the moment I rent a place where I have a theatre and my therapy practice, but it’s not my building, and it doesn’t look exactly the way I want it. And more as sort of hobby goals: I want to keep improving my Slavic languages and I want to do something more concerning the American Civil war, but I’m not sure what yet.”

How did you become accountability partners?

Tim “When William joined the Academy, he regularly posted on the Activity Feed about his day and how he wants to improve. I also noticed he was trying to cut carbs to lose weight. So, I sent him a message with some links to information about it. Afterwards, we started talking about our interests and goals, we found a connection and decided to be accountability partners.”

How is accountability helping you reach your goals?

William“Tim has really pointed out some things I sort of knew, but wasn’t aware of clearly enough to change them. For example: Tim noticed I do a lot, but don’t really accomplish anything really big, because I combine so many different things. Tim has encouraged me to limit myself to one thing, or to at least find one common ground in what I do. Since then, I have a bit more focus and a clearer direction. It’s just not humanly possible to combine four different professions. Thanks to Tim I’m striving towards specializing in one major thing, and the one major thing seems to be: to work with, talk about, teach about, write about, and stage plays about psychology and the human experience.”

How do you stay accountable?

Tim “We fill in our daily checklist and email it to each other.”

William“Tim checks on me daily, and I always have his eyes on me, so to speak. I’ve internalized him! He’s my inner critic/mentor. When I do something inconsistent with my goals, I have this reflex to think: ow, careful, I have to report this to Tim and he won’t be happy about it!”

What are your top 3 tips for being a great accountability partner?

  1. “Be honest with each other.”
  2. “Have a keen eye for what the other truly needs.”
  3. “Discipline and the mentality of a drill sergeant (check each others progress and consistently ask the same questions if your partner is losing track with a goal.)”

William Along with a certain selflessness or maturity, because you can’t be someone’s accountability partner if their potential success scares you or makes you insecure. You have to have a passion for personal growth and you also have to realise you can’t possibly have all the answers for the other, but you can help look for them. The best accountability partner is a ‘comrade in arms’.”

What are the steps to finding a great accountability partner in the Academy?

Tim – “Search through Members’ Profiles and look at what they are struggling with. If you see something you have experienced and you feel you can help the other, send them a message. All the people in the Academy want to improve themselves.”

William: “Make clear you are looking for one. And start being one yourself, pick someone you like, and cheer this person on. Chances are this person will like what you do and will return the favour.”

Have YOU set your SMART GOALS yet? Do YOU have an accountability partner?

If you voted YES to a buddy in the poll on the Private London Real Academy Facebook Group, go and check your Private Messages – your buddies are waiting to be contacted! Let me know how YOU make sure that you both get the most from the relationship. Share it with me in the comments below!

Tribe Meetups

At this New York City MeetupAcademy Members Andrew SparksCharlotte MeyerOlivePaul SmithRebecca Peters and Tone Floreal recorded their goals for us:We’ve just addded a new meetup in San Francisco next week – if you’re in the area don’t miss it!

There’s also a weekly 5km Tribe Run and brunch meetup in London every Sunday at 9am – more details here!See if there’s a Meetup scheduled in your city here, and if there isn’t let me know if you’d like to host one!

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How To Bounce BACK From The Brink Of Failure – Tribe Talk #12

The Academy is growing and fast becoming a diverse and global community filled with members who share similar, but also varying, attributes, including personality, skill, experience, interests and goals.

The diversity London Real brings is really helping each member towards a path of action and success.

We know from London Real guests that success has many routes, but first we must determine what success looks like for us by visualising it.

If you take a look at this question on the Private London Real Academy Facebook Group from Academy Member Kevin McNamara, he asks for advice and ideas relating to his business pitch.You’ll see that for most of us, the journey in the Academy really starts with community interaction as the basis of the energy and motivation that is needed to help identify a passion, start acting on a vision or staying accountable.

There are others in the Tribe, though, who participate by being less vocal, but still vital, in the community, collecting information from episodes, webinars and success secrets and applying them to each aspect of their life.

You don’t need to be a serial sharer on Facebook to get a lot out of the Academy. It’s okay to be a social media introvert and still get the benefits!

Founding 500 Member Aoife Kennedy, shares how participating in the community in her own way makes her feel more connected to the Academy because as a solo entrepreneur, she can always rely upon being inspired in what she describes as a “positive platform” and a “very very special place”.

Aoife caught my eye over the last few months due to her participation in each Weekly Webinar. So I approached her and I wanted to know more about how she was applying all of this content.

Aoife was introduced to London Real after losing her job and then half of her family emigrated to the Middle East.

This member interview really highlights how the growth in Aoife’s career and character shifted, and led her to the path of entrepreneurship and why her business decisions are now ultimately based on her heart rather than her head.

Member Interview with Aoife Kennedy

Tell us about yourself and what you do Continue reading “How To Bounce BACK From The Brink Of Failure – Tribe Talk #12”

Tribe Talk #11

As I was writing this piece today, a few London Real guests came to mind, including James Altucher, Peter Sage, and Philip McKernan.

The message consistently drawn from guests on London Real is that when we build and communicate a personal or business vision which aligns us with who we really are, then growth, success and purpose are a determined outcome.

Knowing and finding our passion has been a hot topic in the Academy this week:

If you take a look at this poll on the Private London Real Academy Facebook Group, you’ll see that so far the most voted for Webinars by the Tribe relate to finding your passion.In yesterday’s Live Webinar, Philip McKernan reframed the question from “how do I find my passion” to:

“If you did know what your passion was, what would it be?

This week, I’ve been speaking with Academy Member Elliot Reeves. Elliot expressed his passion, confidence, enthusiasm and vision to an interview panel for an internal promotion. Outcome: “Unfortunately I ended up not getting the job.” My first thoughts were, if we fail to fulfil the hopes or expectations of others, then are we really representing our truth and the life we want?

This short Member interview will really serve as a powerful reminder – that before we set our vision and big dreams, we first need to ask ourselves what is it we want and who is it we want to be.

Member Interview with Elliot Reeves

Tell us about yourself

“I’m an Analyst for a global asset management company. In a very peculiar twist, it was actually through my work that I found London Real. A small group of us were visited by Dave Asprey to educate us on biohacking, which was the weekend before Asprey’s first London Real episode.

Broadly, my dreams and aspirations are to lead a company which disrupts an industry; help others on a large scale to see the power and greatness in themselves and tackle major social problems, in particular homelessness.”

What keeps you inspired and why?

“My parents both run their own businesses, in relative terms I have been extremely successful. For me, listening to London Real has been a phenomenal source of realising that we are all capable of doing incredible things. Conditioning yourself to actually believe in yourself is more than half the battle and hearing inspirational stories of others who have enjoyed massive success, offers great motivation as well as reassurance.

Tell us more about how you expressed your “big dream” and vision

“In the interview I was very honest and open about my goals and my vision within the organisation. The feedback I’ve had since, has led me to believe that the people who were interviewing me just didn’t get it and felt my passion and enthusiasm was too much for them. I suppose it was as if I was operating on a different level of consciousness. In effect, the things that I was saying didn’t resonate with my audience or was too much for them.”

Why has this been an important process for you to go through?

“I’m now very clear on what my strengths are and where I believe I can add value to others. I think I had convinced myself to think that the path I was on was the right one but this ‘setback’ (I use the term setback loosely as that’s not how I’m choosing to perceive it) has been a great lesson. This experience has made me realise that I’ve been spending too much time in my comfort zone and not taking and embracing risks.”

What do you say to the Tribe Member reading this who feels lost and looking for direction?

“Know thyself..Peter Drucker said: “Success in the knowledge economy comes to those who know themselves – their strengths, their values, and how best they perform”. Gary Vaynerchuk, a prolific entrepreneur who many of you will know, says know your strengths, align yourself with your true passion and go all-in on that! It’s great advice. I’d add that we should all be far more open to changing direction in life. There is no greater story than Brian’s to reinforce this! Many people spend their life fighting against what they truly love out of fear (of being judged, of failure, of what their friends/family might say, etc). Just do what you love!

Who are your top 3 London Real guests?

  1. Peter Sage – Enlightened Entrepreneur
  2. Dan Peña – The 50 Billion Dollar Man
  3. Dave Asprey – The Bulletproof Executive

Give us a quote from one of your top 3 London Real guests and tell us why it’s of importance to you

“Anxiety is the emotion of growth, provided it’s not resisted” – Peter Sage Enlightened Entrepreneur

“I took a huge amount from this. It’s so important to remember that we choose our response to any given situation. So, when something bad happens, while it’s easy to react and get angry, it’s just as easy to think “so what? I don’t mind”.

Define London Real Academy

“For me, London Real Academy is a sanctuary of positivity and inspiration. Thank you to everyone for making it so damn awesome!”

If you’d like to find out more about reframing life’s challenges, Extreme Entrepreneur Peter Sage, guides you through this when he was a guest on the show.

T-Shirt Winners

Did you watch our Webinar with Philip McKernan?

In our Weekly Webinars, we give away exclusive London Real Academy T-shirts to a few Members of the Academy for the GREAT contributions, actions and accomplishments they make in that week.

This Week’s Winner’s were Angel Gursov and Kieran Glennon.

Angel continually pushes and motivates his accountability partner Rui Pimentel: Rui expresses the “awesomeness” of their partnership. Their consistent check-ins has really helped Rui keep accountable to his fitness goals. For more than 5 years, Rui passed his time in front of a computer without any fitness or exercise. So, one of Rui’s main goals was to get a personal fitness trainer,  which he hit just one week into joining the Academy. He now trains at least 3 times per week and describes it as:

“The personal trainer was the best choice I made, it’s a different commitment, and he shows me at every session that I can do more than I believe.”

A big thank you to Kieran for doing a super job in organising and hosting our Members meetup at the Transit Rooftop Bar in Melbourne. Thanks to the Melbourne Realers, Andy Le and Tony “Jack the Bear” Mantz who joined the meetup!

If you’d like to nominate YOUR peers, then send me a message here on the Academy. Tell me who you are nominating, what they are doing, and why they should be nominated.

Tribe Meetups

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Tribe Talk #10

This week, something EXCITING happened for Academy Member, Kat Borowiec.

I was watching the Activity Feed on the London Real Academy Facebook Group and saw a video Kat posted with Gary Vaynerchuk, Alex Ikonn and Mimi Ikonn!

I sat in awe as there had been a lot of discussion in the Academy in the same week about his work and arrival to the UK!

I decided to speak to Kat and asked her how she made contact with Gary and helped him film his show, which she featured in here:

Kat said: “Noorah, it’s very simple!”

If you’d like to find out how to find a mentor or make contact with someone who inspires you, this short Member Interview will illustrate how it  is POSSIBLE.

Member Interview with Kat Borowiec

What significant events have shaped your personality and character?

“My father’s death has influenced my character tremendously. His losswas o ne of the most heartbreaking yet most empowering experiences in my life. My dad was my best friend who provided me with so much love and security. With his death the security was gone and this in itself made me push harder and take chances. His passing was one of the worst things I could ever imagine I was able to go through it. Now I know I can take on anything that comes my way.”

Where do you find your motivation and enthusiasm?

“Life has so much to offer, the possibilities are infinite, knowing
that I don’t how not to be excited and enthusiastic! My biggest
motivations are my siblings. I want to provide them with the same if not better opportunities that I have in life.”

If you have a potential mentor, then how do they contribute to your life?

“Most of my mentors are the voices of different books or youtube
videos. They change my perspective, teach me new things and open my mind to new ideas.”

 How did the contact with Gary Vaynerchuk start?

“I have been following Gary for couple of years now. His work has been instrumental to who I am and how I work. I am very appreciative of all the knowledge he puts out there. I always comment and provide thoughtful feedback to him and his team – this is my way of giving back, providing value. Couple months ago Gary noticed my presence in his feed and contacted me via private message. I know Gary’s attention is on Instagram now and has been for a while. Therefore I chose it as a prime medium to get in touch with Gary.When I found out he was coming to London I made sure his team knew I was happy to help with anything they needed. That’s exactly what Gary teaches and does in his business.”

Where did you get the idea about adding value from and what does that mean to you?

“My grandparents taught me that we are here to serve one another. We are on this journey together and as one we can have a big impact on this world. Being able to change someone else’s circumstances for better means the world to me.”

What would your advice be to Academy Members who want to get in touch with their potential mentors, or people who inspire them, or guests they’d like to see on London Real?

“Truly listen to what say, understand who they are, and what drives them. Drop your expectations, don’t think about yourself but try to provide value to them.”

Who are your top 3 London Real guests?

  1. Elliott HulseThe Body Is The Mind
  2. Peter Sage –  Englightened Entrepreneur
  3. Dan PeñaYour First 100 Million

 Tell us about yourself, what you do in your job and what you want to go on and do?

“I just graduated with a psychology degree and now I do corporate sales and events in London. Marketing and social media is a field, which fascinates me and where I am heading!”

Define London Real Academy

“London Real Academy is defined by its Members – people who are kind, smart, ambitious and unique in their very own ways.”

We know that when you upgrade your peer group, you can really trust to combine the sound, integral and expert knowledge from the amazing guests on the show.

You can learn from the experience of Academy Members and combine this with action. London Real Academy is a FORMULA, which when applied can create inspiration and success.

If you’d like to find out more about Kat’s approach, Tai Lopez guides you through this when he was a guest on the show.

T-Shirt Winners

Did you watch our Webinar on How To Manage Money?

In our Weekly Webinars, we give away exclusive London Real Academy T-shirts to a few Members of the Academy for the GREAT contributions, actions and accomplishments they make in that week.

This Week’s Winner’s were Charlie Price and Michael Granger.

Charlie took active steps to get to the Broadcast Meetup last weekend, travelling from East Sussex to London despite having dislocated his knee in Brazil when he went to train in kitesurfing. This has now led to him having to save up and fund for surgery and rehab so that he can travel again and train for his primary goal of being a kitesurfing world champion. This is what Charlie wrote on the London Real Academy Facebook Group, which echos Extreme Entrepreneur, Peter Sage on life happening for you and not to you:

“This is the first time I’ve had a why, it’s the first time I’m going to really get shit done because before everything has been way too comfortable.”

Charlie is now dedicating time to freelance copywriting, so if you share the same interests, please get in touch with him!

I received a nomination for Michael from Member Russ Patchitt. Michael was nominated due to the on-going support he provided to Russ with to overcome his camera shyness.

Russ quite powerfully said that Michael’s feedback was so awesome that it empowered him: “It has made a difference and I am stronger for it.”

You can watch his latest vlog here.

If you’d like to nominate YOUR peers, then send me a message here on the Academy. Tell me who you are nominating, what they are doing, and why they should be nominated.


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