Chris Hadfield, Dan Pena, Dan Hardy, David Allen And Julian Treasure

33The week has flown by! It’s crazy to think it is almost spring!

My insane but highly effective mentor Dan Pena is returning to the studio on Monday for a one-off live broadcast – click here to leave a question for the 50 Billion Dollar Man!

Here are the links for all the stuff from the past week:

And we are done. Keep up the good work London Realers!

Tim Ferriss, Chris Hadfield, Ido Portal, Dan Pena, And Some Monkey Business

The week is done! Hope you guys are refuelling, there is SO MUCH in store for you next week.

Don’t forget to claim your spot for next week’s Public Speaking MasterclassI’ll be giving you some of the strategies and tactics which will be part of our ten week course in March.

Here are the links for everything that we did in the last seven days:

That is a wrap people! 

Wim Hof, Ido Portal, Mimi Ikonn, Nick Davies and Liv Boeree

Don’t know about you guys but I need more days in the week!

Here are some links to all the crazy stuff that’s been happening this week:

I’m loving the energy here on the Academy. Everyone’s upping their game! Have a great week!

Max Chilton, David Bowie, Ido Portal And Wim Hof

We are well into 2016 and the momentum is building! I don’t know about you guys but I think this year is already shaping up to be one packed with action and results.

Just giving you think the links for the crazy things happening this week:

What an awesome week, and we are just get started!

Marianne Williamson, Hayley Quinn, Magnus Walker And Max Chilton

The first week of 2016 is DONE and we are already crushing here at London Real. The energy here is inspiring, and I’m looking forward to great things in the next week.

Here are the links to what’s been going on in the last week:

  • New Episode featuring Marianne Williamson
  • Marianne Williamson’s fascinating Success Secrets
  • My Blog Post on the game-changing lessons I learned from “Porsche Hunter” Magnus Walker
  • The release of our trailer for next week’s Full Episode featuring race driver Max Chilton
  • An AMAZING first #RealTALK of 2016 featuring relationship expert Hayley Quinn
  • Inspiration and accountability from Noorah in this week’s Tribe Talk interview
  • AND our first week of shows on Television channel London Live! If you are in London you can catch us on Freeview 8 | Sky 117 | Virgin 159 | YouView 8 daily at 7am

The first week of a New Year is always the most important, and as you can see we are making sure we are locked in from the start!

Chris Hadfield, Dan Hardy, James Altucher and Nick Davies

Another game changing week in bag for London Real. 2015 has been insane, I can’t believe how far we’ve come.

Here are are the links to all the crazy stuff that’s been happening this week:

  • A milestone Full Episode featuring comedian Eddie Izzard
  • Eddie Izzard’s Success Secrets
  • A Live Show featuring the return of London Real favourite UFC Fighter Dan Hardy
  • This week’s #ThrowbackTuesday revisiting James Altucher
  • My Blog Post on Ido Portal’s influence on UFC champion Conor McGregor
  • An amazing Live Show with none other than Astronaut Chris Hadfield
  • An awesome #RealTALK where I review the last few weeks
  • An inspiring, action packed story from Noorah this week in her Tribe Talk
  • The super-insightful Live Show featuring British journalist Nick Davies – the man who broke the press phone hacking scandal here in the UK

Man, you think after all that we’d be taking it easy, but it looks like it’s all go at London Real studios this weekend. Business as usual!

Conor McGregor, Ido Portal, Brad Burton and Dan Hardy

I don’t even know where to begin with this week, what a crazy ride!

It’s the Christmas season, but we’re upping the ante more than ever! I love it, that’s what we’re all about at London Real.

I just wanted to give you guys the links to all the good stuff that’s been going on here this week.

  • An epic montage clip of me and Ido Portal discussing UFC contender Conor McGregor
  • The release of the trailer for next week’s Full Episode featuring Eddie Izzard
  • The mind-blowing #RealTALK featuring the powerhouse that is Brad Burton!
  • An amazing “triumph-over-adversity” story from Noorah’s Tribe Talk

That’s a wrap guys! I’ve just busted out my weekend cardio and it’s time to recharge for next week.

See you on the flip side!

Chase Jarvis, Imogen Heap and Marianne Williamson – Another Packed Week at London Real

We’ve packed so much into this week, and it’s been an incredible ride! As we head into the Christmas season, it feels like we are more busy than ever here at London Real. I love it!

Here’s the links to everything that happened this week:

  • An inspiring Full Episode with photographer and educator Chase Jarvis
  • Chase Jarvis’ game-changing Success Secrets
  • This week’s #ThrowbackTuesday looking back at that fateful first interview with Dan Pena
  • A fascinating Live Show with musician Imogen Heap
  • An amazing #RealTALK where I answered your questions LIVE
  • Noorah’s Tribe Talk including an INSPIRING interview with an Academy member who entered a bikini competition!
  • A truly POWERFUL Live Show with author Marianne Williamson
  • And another awesome Focus Group with some wonderful Academy members here in the studio:

It’s so great to see this Academy growing, and to see each member use the accountability of a strong peer group to take action on their dreams. If you’re a member who is still looking for an accountability buddy, take a minute to fill out this short form and Noorah will pair you up with someone ASAP!

Supple Leopards and American Anarchists

It’s been such a great week here at London Real, so amazing to see Academy members embracing accountability and taking action on their dreams!

Leave a comment below and let me know which post was your favourite this week.

We’re cooking up some more game-changing content, events and broadcasts for you next week, so make sure you stay tuned.

Meanwhile, here are the links to the amazing things that happened on London Real this week.

  • An enlightening and provocative Full Episode with activist and anarchist David Graeber
  • David Graeber’s fascinating Success Secrets
  • Our #ThrowbackTuesday revisiting the Episode with the amazing crossfitter Kelly Starrett
  • A super-productive #RealTALK with an AWESOME Q&A session between me and London Realers.
  • My blog on three of the lessons I learned from James Alutcher
  • The launch of the trailer for next week’s Episode featuring photographer Chase Jarvis
  • Noorah’s #TribeTalk with an interview featuring Academy member who used Oren Klaff’s pitch technique
  • A fantastic Live Show with sound and communications expert Julian Treasure


That’s a wrap folks, and what a week it’s been!

Capitalists & Anarchists – A typical week at London Real!

This has been a week of direct contact for me, as I’ve spoken and met with so many awesome London Real Academy members in person.Again thank you London Relears, you make this family what it is. Big love!

Here are the links to what went down in the last week:

  • A powerful Full Episode with pitch genius Oren Klaff
  • Oren Klaff’s game-changing Success Secrets
  • This week’s #ThrowbackTuesday revisiting poet Suli Breaks
  • The second instalment of #RealTALK where I answered your questions LIVE
  • My Blog on Three Things I learned From Mimi Ikonn
  • An awesome interview with two Academy accountability buddies in this week’s Tribe Talk from Noorah
  • The release of the Trailer for next week’s Episode featuring David Graeber
  • And yet ANOTHER super-inspiring evening here in the studio for the latest Focus Group:

That’s this week nearly over folks, stay tuned for tomorrow’s New Episode with American anarchist, David Graeber!