The Five Secrets Of Positivity

Being able to hustle means being able to roll with the punches.

Entrepreneurs and creative innovators need a strong foundation of mental toughness to face the inevitable challenges that come with making change.

Here are my five keys to keeping a positive mindset:

  1. Take risks

Dan Pena says the key to building your emotional bank account is taking risks. You have to put yourself out there, and start practicing vulnerability.

You WILL get burned. But you will also grow. Stress often makes it easy to hide and stay safe, but without taking small, regular gambles we will never trust ourselves. And also, the world will miss out on the gifts we have to offer!

  1. The right people

Your peergroup reflects back to you your self-image. One of the fastest ways to start being more positive is to hang out with positive people.

This is especially true in business and creativity. In the face of uncertainty it’s important to have a core tribe who are open to your energies and have a willingness to experiment with new ideas.

  1. Take care of the basics

God is in the details. In stressful situations we often let go of the basic stuff like tidying our workspaces, paying the phone bill, and doing the laundry.

But the foundation of a positive attitude is a positive environment, so taking the care of these things gives us a head start when the pressure starts to mount

  1. Put your health first

As soon as your schedule starts to get packed with meetings and obligations, the gym or yoga class are often the first to go.

But staying healthy means your body and mind are working optimally. Don’t sacrifice performance for busyness. You are going to need a nervous system in peak performance to maintain positivity.

  1. Start small

We increase stress by placing unrealistic expectations on ourselves. The important thing is to keep moving. As James Altucher says, his life is better when he improves 1% each day.

When the going gets tough, you easily get overwhelmed and burned out. The way to avoid this is to focus on steady progress rather than overreaching yourself. This builds momentum, and it also builds confidence and self-belief.

You’re no good to anyone unless you are positive and you believe in your abilities. Instead of seeking external validation to keep you positive, simply focus on those factors which increase your inner positivity. Everything extends from your mindset.

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