The Future Is YouTube: What Susan Wojcicki Can Teach Us All

These days all entrepreneurs are in the media business. That means that almost everyone, in one way or another, is a business partner with the CEO of YouTube Susan Wojcicki.

I have to admit, my affection for Susan grew when we received our personally signed letter congratulating London Real for crossing the 100,000 subscribers mark!

From creating the new paid platform YouTube Red, to recharging the image of online broadcasting, Susan is a role model for any new entrepreneur.

Here are three of the big lessons I’ve learned while tracking the career of Susan Wojcicki:

  1. ‘There are no five-year plans in tech’
  2. Focus on quality not demographics
  3. Tech is not just for geeks

1. ‘There are no five-year plans in tech’

Susan is the CEO of the biggest media platform in the world because she understands the need to adapt. In an industry that is in a constant state of disruption, old business models don’t work.

Whatever plans YouTube has with paid platforms like Red, they won’t be copying television. That means being ready to change. If the industry shifts, so must you.2. Focus on quality not demographics

I encourage all Business Accelerator candidates to reach out and grab their viewers.

That being said, demographics distract you. Focus on making quality content and delivering value. Susan tries to make YouTube better in every way, not just for a target group. That way, the value impacts everyone.

3. Tech is not just for geeks

As Susan admits, tech has a bad image. Despite the reach of brands like Apple and Google, a huge amount of people are still put off by the industry, most notably women.

If you want make change, make millions, or both, platforms like YouTube are the most innovative ways to achieve success. With Susan leading the charge, whole new audiences are waking up to the power of technology in their daily lives.Whether it’s funnelling your audience through a Facebook page or using LinkedIn to build your KPI status, you are a broadcaster regardless of your industry.

Given the fact that London Real is fundamentally a YouTube company, I have been super-impressed with the way the platform has consistently upped its game since we started in 2011. Susan Wojcicki can claim the credit for this.

If you want to dominate the world of YouTube and take your business to the next level, apply today for the London Real Business Accelerator programme.

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