The London Real Summit: How opportunities beat expectations every time

What is so exciting about the London Real Summit is the ability to connect a diverse network of London Realers from across the world in just one day. Do we get the opportunity to network like this so easily? I don’t think so.

For me, building an effective and powerful network is so much more than finding a safe like-minded tribe. It is about finding a breadth of contacts with various skills, driving further personal or professional questions, innovating what you previously thought was impossible, and about harnessing the opportunity that exists in differences, and through that connection building awareness and knowledge. 

I have always been excited by how personal and professional development can be achieved when we collaborate in such a way. It allows us to reach the point between building average connections and connections that create magic. 

Josh Ford is one of many Academy members who has chosen to travel all the way from the US to London for the Summit! When I spoke to Josh about the types of expectations and objectives he had set for himself, I realised Josh hasn’t set any. As Josh reminded me, when expectations are set and closed we fail to see the true value exchange and the opportunities that present themselves as a result.

Let’s head over to the member interview this week, and if you’re attending the Summit on Saturday, now is the time to get to know one other!

Member Interview

Some people may be curious about why you decided to travel specifically to London from Maryland USA, so why?

“Initially when I heard about the Summit, I thought to myself “I wish I lived over in the UK and could go”. I didn’t really give it anymore thought until I was on a Skype call with another Academy member and good friend that I have met through the community. We were joking about meeting in London for the Summit, but I then thought “why not, I’m going to make it happen?” Within a few hours of my conversation with him, I had booked tickets for my wife. The Summit is just another of recent events that I FEEL like I’m supposed to experience. When I feel that these days, I try not to ignore it. I have been so inspired by so many of the interviews on London Real that I just didn’t want to pass up this opportunity to meet so many others that are driven to better themselves as well.”

What are your objectives for attending the London Real Academy Summit?

“My only real objectives for the Summit are to be as open minded as possible, willing to experience whatever gets put in front of us and push myself to be social and explore new connections. Aside from not really knowing what to expect, I don’t want to form any actual expectations. I just want to go and experience it to the best of my ability. I’m willing to learn whatever I can, always. You never know what might spark interest or even open up new trains of thought, so that’s the most exciting part. Bring it on, challenge me, teach me, help me find ways to grow!”

There seem to be so many people confused and overwhelmed about the right way to connect through social media channels, how are you really connecting with others through social media?

“I’m not sure if I would say that I easily make connections in general, but recently I have been much more open to it and have made some connections and built some friendships in a very short time. One of the things I’ve been working on in my life is being a little more open and not so closed off, which is definitely helping to make new connections. I was inspired to become an Academy member almost immediately after finding the site. It just seemed to show itself to me at the right time and I wanted to be able to connect with others that have a similar mindset or drive like my own. I’m positive that the Summit will strengthen some new friendships and open up the opportunities for more. The Academy seems so positive, I can’t imagine that the Summit will be anything less than amazing in that regard.”

On a professional level, how did you come to movement mastery?

“I do a mix of professional tattooing, running my tattoo machine manufacturing business and as the head coach for an MMA team in Maryland. I also do some sports nutrition for professional fighters, including some at the UFC level. I used to fight professionally in MMA and I hold the rank of 2nd degree Black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I have been actively teaching BJJ for over 10 years, but I have focused primarily on the MMA aspect and applications of BJJ for the last 5 or so years. MMA is what brought Ido Portal to my attention initially when he started working with Conor McGregor. From there I started to research him, which is also what brought me to London Real for the first time. Listening to Ido’s interviews set off a very large light bulb in my head and made me realise that what really drew me to sports and athletics were the movements. From there, a lot of things began to fall into place very quickly and I felt like a huge door was opened in front of me and I couldn’t deny walking through. I contacted Ido through his website, which then convinced me to become a student through his online coaching program. In BJJ, I have always said that movement was one of the most important aspects to understand and I thought that I moved better than most. I will say that I was immediately humbled by Ido and his standards that he sets as well as seeing that I did need a paradigm shift in my thinking. I have tried to put myself back into the mindset of a beginner and approached his program with a childlike curiosity and willingness to learn. From some of Ido’s interviews I was drawn towards Charles Poliquin and his approach and principles to strength training (which I believe have been a big influence on how Ido approaches the strength training growth of his programs). I decided that on top of learning from Ido, I wanted to also learn the building blocks and fundamentals of strength training program design, so I’m going through the PICP Strength & Performance Coaching certification program with the Poliquin group as well. That has also been very humbling and eye opening, but all of it is extremely exciting and has ignited a passion that I have not felt for years.”

Describe the shift from tattooing to mind-body educator

“After 20 years of tattooing, I’m ready for a change and I’m taking the steps to make that happen. While I love tattooing and I’m very grateful for the opportunities and world travel it has exposed me to, it’s become more mechanical for me and less of a passion. It has been comfortable and I’ve built up a good reputation for myself as well as being featured in magazine and online interviews as far as Japan and Australia. However, I don’t want to be safe anymore, I want to be passionate! The direction I am moving forward with business aspect is in the way of a mind-body educator. I love to coach and teach, especially to those that are interested in actually learning. I am a firm believer in the mind-body connection and the personal strength and health that can come from it. I already have many years of experience and many skills that relate to this endeavour, but I’m diving into the role of student again so that I can fine tune those skills and really be able to bring an approach that I believe in and know others can benefit from. I want to help people live healthier lives, plain and simple. Whether that’s getting stronger, moving better, eating healthier or putting it all together as well as understanding the mental approach to it all to live a better life, I want to be in a position to make that happen.”

You can contact Josh Ford on the Academy or meet him and his wife for real at the London Real Summit in two days time!

Tribe Meetups

If you can’t make it to the Summit this year, then join us for our Tribe Meetups, including: 

A Pre-Summit Tribe Dinner in London, The London Real Summit where you will meet legendary box champion Chris Eubank, a Meditation Morning meetup in East London, Tribe Yoga in New York City, and Tribe Dinner in New York City.  Until next week’s Tribe Talk, I am really excited to be meeting you on Saturday, but if you’d like to get in touch with me beforehand, please message me @noorahnaker – I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. There you go >> ‘Passion’ is the main attraction with London Real … it is generating a ‘gravity’ through passion for change, in the form of improvement or direction in one’s life, and the passion to help others achieve… this is the collective consciousness of London Real

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