The Power Of Bold Visions: Mimi Ikonn And Making Dreams A Reality

Mimi Ikonn’s interview is most definitely in my top five London Real episodes.

I think what I like about her and find most inspiring about her message is this fusion of creative vision with practical habits.

Her work is visionary and creative, you only need to look at her videos and vlogs to see that she gives a lot of thought to the artistic impact of her content.

At the same time, the style is matched by the value. I never feel like I am being preached at but I always feel I have something to take away from her videos, a core message.

I have to admit to being a bit of Mimi Ikonn junky. She is an expert at giving you the self-belief you need to keep working on your dreams, while at the same time kicking you up the ass.

Dreams are possible. But dreams are hard work. That’s the message I get, and the business she and her husband Alex have created leads by example.

It’s easy to forget that imagination and dreams and visions are not introspective things. They are the ways by which we make an impact on the world and others.

Being visionary means being a leader. Being creative means being a change-maker. If you are not making friction in the world, you’re not a dreamer, you’re a sh*t talker!The most recent Focus Group over here at London Real was inspiring in so many ways. One of my favourite parts was picking other people’s brains about their routines and rituals.

Not only do you learn a lot, it’s a great way to strike a connection with someone. Everyone here at the Academy is trying to better themselves, and I love hearing how others channel their energies through routine.

Some of Mimi’s most popular videos are the ones dedicated to morning and evening routine. She admits to Brian that she couldn’t figure out why!

Were people just being nosey? Is there something voyeuristic about seeing how other people live?

Not in this case. People look up to Mimi, because she has created something from nothing. She has built a successful, pioneering company on her own terms, and she is known for her positive attitude.

I’ve watched these videos, and I love the way both Mimi and Alex are committed to themselves. There’s something nurturing about just watching these videos.

I think that’s why routine and ritual are preoccupying me right now. The little details in our lives are the ways that we love ourselves.

We don’t love ourselves in big, grand gestures. It’s not like we get this narcotic rush of self love.

Loving yourself means investing in yourself. It takes work, it takes extra effort, and it means being ahead of the game.

As the 5 Minute Journal that Mimi and Alex launched together proves, small changes in our lives have a huge payoff.Brian also asks Mimi about how she deals with her success. A big part of being a broadcaster is dealing with the haters.

How Mimi deals with this problem is related to the self-love thing. You have to be disciplined about who you surround yourself with. You have build relationships that are positive and encouraging, that support an image of you that keeps you proactive.

This all sounds good and well, but we know how hard it is to be strict about whom we share our energies with. And not caring what others think is in my view a large part of what it means to master life!

Anyone who has achieved anything great has been able to rise above the opinions of others. As Mimi says, people’s negativity is their problem, and it is our responsibility to have the openness of mind to see that.

At the same time, as Brian points out, we have to be open to constructive criticism. Objective feedback can be valuable.

It’s a tricky one. Your mental hygiene depends on controlling the energies you expose yourself to, but how do you avoid this discipline becoming egotistical?

I think I agree with what Mimi says on this. Constructive criticism always comes from a place of positivity and love.

Those who would criticise our efforts must earn that right, by investing in us in some way. Their opinion only counts if they believe in the goodness of our dreams.

That’s not narcissistic, that’s called having a strong, grounded sense of self-esteem.

Mimi talks a lot about the importance of daydreaming, and visions. We all know and love the story of her and Alex’s gratitude walks.

But something Mimi said in passing struck me as very important. She said that the power of vision can have a negative side if it is in the wrong hands.

The people with the biggest visions are the ones that shape our reality. But if those people are negative and cruel, then our reality will reflect that.

Mimi says that’s why it is so important for us all to daydream and create bold visions for ourselves.

The bigger our dream for ourselves, the clearer those visions are, the more powerful we become, not just as individuals, but as people in the wider society.

The less controlled we are, and the less open to manipulation.

Dreaming big is not a form of escapism. It is a form of empowerment. Dreams and visions strengthen us against the slings and arrows of poisonous media and toxic relationships.

The more people we empower in this way, the less able weirdos, tyrants and maniacs get to control our lives.

This is part of the value of London Real. The show constantly exposes us to new ideas, and in doing so, our power of vision strengthens.

The more people that have command over this power, the better society will become. That’s why I think the Academy is a force for good – it empowers us to dream big and reshape the world according the boldness of our vision. The more bolder and more plentiful the visions, the healthier our culture becomes.As usual, that’s just my opinion. Let me know if you agree or disagree with my take on this. I know Mimi Ikonn is a London Real favourite so share your own takeaways from this episode below!

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