This is why Conor McGregor is a PR genius

Conor McGregor’s big achievement is not just putting things on the line in the Octagon, it’s also his PR genius.

Whatever is happening behind the scenes with the UFC right now, you can be sure that the PR war between McGregor and Dana White is not the whole truth!

You can watch fight coach and trainer Mike Dolce give his views on what’s really going on in the UFC boardrooms right now, as he chatted to me here in London Real studios.

In today’s world even fighters need to be their own PR guy, and Conor has singlehandedly propelled MMA from a fringe sport to global phenomenon through his flair and taste for high drama.

While everyone else was freaking out about Conor threatening to retire, they whole story made me think about some of the core tenets we teach on the Business Accelerator.. They are:

Congruency – build a business around what you would do even if it DIDNT pay
All companies are in the media business
Build a product ecosystem

1. Be congruent

When new candidates sign up we take each of them through their own Hero’s Journey. We get them thinking about what makes them unique. This allows them to focus in on the very core of what they have to offer the world, and find their passion.

The key to discovering your passion is thinking about what you would do even if it didn’t pay. What is your oxygen, the thing that gives meaning to your life? When you find it, that’s what you need to build a business on.

2. You are a media businesses

No matter the industry, you need to get your message out there. You need to embrace the full range of media out there. That means vlogging, pitching, podcasting writing daily blogs. All of it.

Like Conor McGregor YOU need to be your own PR person. People buy your products for who you are. Like it or not, you are the face of your company.

3. Build a product ecosystem

A product ecosystem is having multiple products with multiple price points. That is, one free product, a low-cost product and a core product.

Again the UFC is a good example. They have a free product with all the hundreds of free fights they put on. Their low-cost product is the pay-per-view option, and the core product is the full-on ringside experience.

Most people think they only have one product and they go hard on selling it, but this won’t work in a diverse and competitive business world. Far better to have an ecosystem of services that can appeal to different audiences.Even big organisations like the UFC and high-paid fighters like Conor McGregor use these strategies. We teach them not just because they are good ideas, but because they are the laws of modern business.

If you want to master these laws, then make an application today for the Business Accelerator programme.
Many of these principles you can work out on your own, but with our help you’ll be launching your business within 8 weeks.

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