Top 10 Most Watched Episodes of 2016

The Top 10 most watched London Real episodes of 2016.

2016, what a crazy year! Some heroes died, politics got weird, but for London Real it was actually a great year.

Here are the Top 10 most watched episodes uploaded in the past 12 months:Dan “The Outlaw” Hardy returned to talk about maturing beyond a destructive world of fighting.Watch the Full Episode of Dan Hardy’s return to London Real.”Godfather of daily vlogging” Louis Cole showed us how to make life an adventure.Watch the Full Episode of Louis Cole on London Real.Simon Sinek got us asking Why? we do the things we do, and how we can focus on helping others.Watch the Full Episode of Simon Sinek on London Real.Lawrence Krauss showed us the power of debate and how science lets us reassess our place in the cosmos.Watch the Full Episode of Lawrence Krauss on London Real.”The Iceman” Wim Hof quickly became a new London Real hero and got everyone questioning their beliefs about the limits of the mind and body.Watch the Full Episode of Wim Hof on London Real.Navy SEAL commander Jocko Willink called us out on our excuses and forced us to take Extreme Ownership.Watch the Full Episode of Jocko Willink on London Real.I had Round 3 with my arch mentor Dan Pena, one of the most divisive guests on London Real, and probably the one who has had the most impact on my life.Watch the Full Episode of Dan Pena’s return to London Real.Hardcore entrepreneur Gary Vee taught us the true meaning of hustle.Watch the Full Episode of Gary Vee on London Real.Author Graham Hancock returned to London Real for a third time and blew our minds with his radical take on the history and future of our civilisation.Watch the Full Episode of Graham Hancock’s return to London Real.Finally, we got out of the studio and had this unique Moving Conservation with pioneer of the human body and mind, Ido Portal.Watch the Full Moving Conversation with Ido Portal on London Real.Wow, what a year 2016 was!

Let me know in the comments below who your favourite guest of the year was (here’s a full list of episodes we released in 2016), and tell me who you want to see on London Real in 2017!

37 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Watched Episodes of 2016”

  1. I would love to see Dr. Gabor Matè, I know he’s coming to attend a workshop in London, May 2017. it’s so difficult to choose, they are all amazing!

  2. Mike Rashid, Fitness and Bodybuilder Competitor. He’s known for being a member of Iron Addicts Team with Famous C.T. Fletcher. He’s also a good businessmen with clothing line, supplements products and a lot more. H’s and youtube fitness icon living in Los angeles and recently open his second own gym in Miami. The first one is in Arizona.
    Mike Rashid is way more than a physique. He’s very smart, i think a good person from what i heard people i know who met him. My favorite video from him : Mental Thoughness.
    My favorite quote : A whole bunch of muscles with a week mind, is nothing. Train your mind as much as you train your body”

  3. Kimberly Wyatt, Philip Mckernan, Kay Aston. I would like to see someone who believes in the power of plants, herbalist. Love you interviews, you are great.

  4. Susan has already suggested him but Dr Gabor Mate from Toronto would be amazing to see. I listen to his podcasts and have met him in Toronto last year. Very enlightened and gifted person.

  5. It’d be amazing to see His Holiness Dalia Lama or The archibishop Desmond Tutu. I’m also curious on the studies of Dr Paul Ekman with micro facial recognition 🙂

  6. Thich Nhat Hanh
    Nobel Peace Prize Nominee (nominated by Martin Luther King Jr. )
    Human Rights Activist
    Vietnamese Zen Patriarch

  7. I’d love to see Ajahn Brahm on your show! I don’t to step on Dandapani’s shoes and I know Ajahn Brahm maybe a bit different to who you usually have on, but he has such a lovely personality and sense of humour.

  8. Renowned composer (Greek born – American based) Yanni, has had spectacular achievements throughout his career such us performing on Global Monuments like Taj Mahal, China’s Lost City, Pyramids of Giza, sold multiplatinum albums, touring with a 15 people band (all handpicked best instrumentalists from all around the world), spreading his own unique blend of music for 3 decades and influencing billions of people with his positive and empowering messages.
    On his interviews he is leaving some tips about his creative process that has developed through a kind of meditation in which he enters into a “dark zone” and he is letting himself become one with the music.
    There is definitely much more to share about his – obviously – spiritual paths and techniques that he uses to write, perform and live and I think it would be of a great interest for musicians and non musicians to find more about him.

    Brian, I think you GOT what it takes to drag these “secrets” out 😉

    Thank you!

  9. Lawrence Jones – UKFAST who’s friends with Richard Branson and could give you the intro (Can help with this one)
    Richard Branson – Virgin
    Chris Guerin – Short CGi/Studio Liddel & London Realer who has gone from 3 person company to having 60 using the KPI method . I know you’ve interviewed me once but my goal is to get on that seat for a full interview 🙂 in the next few year’s.

  10. ron paul. peter thief. nigel farage. dan pena. peter schiff. elon musk. george st. pierre. joel galatin #2 and others on productive farming.

  11. Tony Robbins – Dan Pena – Peter Sage – Elon Musk – Bob Proctor – Richard Branson – John Assaraf – Robert Kyosaki –

  12. Juan García-Herreros, a Grammy Nominated Colombian born electric bassist, who has performed with world famous stars (Oscar award winners and nominees).

    Sandra Velásquez: Adjunct Professor of Psychology at the Webster Vienna Private University and former austrian TV-„Super Nanny”.

  13. My favorite interviews: Chris Eubank and Simon Sinek. Soulful, deeply human and fundamental. Recommended interviews for 2017: Brene Brown!

  14. 2017 suggestions:
    Two guys who’ve been at the top of the same game but in different ways – Laird Hamilton and Kelly Slater
    Also on water but slightly different Ben Ainsle – workclass sailor
    A little bit out there Darryl Ankar and his channel Bashar
    Tony Robbins

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