Tribe Talk #10

This week, something EXCITING happened for Academy Member, Kat Borowiec.

I was watching the Activity Feed on the London Real Academy Facebook Group and saw a video Kat posted with Gary Vaynerchuk, Alex Ikonn and Mimi Ikonn!

I sat in awe as there had been a lot of discussion in the Academy in the same week about his work and arrival to the UK!

I decided to speak to Kat and asked her how she made contact with Gary and helped him film his show, which she featured in here:

Kat said: “Noorah, it’s very simple!”

If you’d like to find out how to find a mentor or make contact with someone who inspires you, this short Member Interview will illustrate how it  is POSSIBLE.

Member Interview with Kat Borowiec

What significant events have shaped your personality and character?

“My father’s death has influenced my character tremendously. His losswas o ne of the most heartbreaking yet most empowering experiences in my life. My dad was my best friend who provided me with so much love and security. With his death the security was gone and this in itself made me push harder and take chances. His passing was one of the worst things I could ever imagine I was able to go through it. Now I know I can take on anything that comes my way.”

Where do you find your motivation and enthusiasm?

“Life has so much to offer, the possibilities are infinite, knowing
that I don’t how not to be excited and enthusiastic! My biggest
motivations are my siblings. I want to provide them with the same if not better opportunities that I have in life.”

If you have a potential mentor, then how do they contribute to your life?

“Most of my mentors are the voices of different books or youtube
videos. They change my perspective, teach me new things and open my mind to new ideas.”

 How did the contact with Gary Vaynerchuk start?

“I have been following Gary for couple of years now. His work has been instrumental to who I am and how I work. I am very appreciative of all the knowledge he puts out there. I always comment and provide thoughtful feedback to him and his team – this is my way of giving back, providing value. Couple months ago Gary noticed my presence in his feed and contacted me via private message. I know Gary’s attention is on Instagram now and has been for a while. Therefore I chose it as a prime medium to get in touch with Gary.When I found out he was coming to London I made sure his team knew I was happy to help with anything they needed. That’s exactly what Gary teaches and does in his business.”

Where did you get the idea about adding value from and what does that mean to you?

“My grandparents taught me that we are here to serve one another. We are on this journey together and as one we can have a big impact on this world. Being able to change someone else’s circumstances for better means the world to me.”

What would your advice be to Academy Members who want to get in touch with their potential mentors, or people who inspire them, or guests they’d like to see on London Real?

“Truly listen to what say, understand who they are, and what drives them. Drop your expectations, don’t think about yourself but try to provide value to them.”

Who are your top 3 London Real guests?

  1. Elliott HulseThe Body Is The Mind
  2. Peter Sage –  Englightened Entrepreneur
  3. Dan PeñaYour First 100 Million

 Tell us about yourself, what you do in your job and what you want to go on and do?

“I just graduated with a psychology degree and now I do corporate sales and events in London. Marketing and social media is a field, which fascinates me and where I am heading!”

Define London Real Academy

“London Real Academy is defined by its Members – people who are kind, smart, ambitious and unique in their very own ways.”

We know that when you upgrade your peer group, you can really trust to combine the sound, integral and expert knowledge from the amazing guests on the show.

You can learn from the experience of Academy Members and combine this with action. London Real Academy is a FORMULA, which when applied can create inspiration and success.

If you’d like to find out more about Kat’s approach, Tai Lopez guides you through this when he was a guest on the show.

T-Shirt Winners

Did you watch our Webinar on How To Manage Money?

In our Weekly Webinars, we give away exclusive London Real Academy T-shirts to a few Members of the Academy for the GREAT contributions, actions and accomplishments they make in that week.

This Week’s Winner’s were Charlie Price and Michael Granger.

Charlie took active steps to get to the Broadcast Meetup last weekend, travelling from East Sussex to London despite having dislocated his knee in Brazil when he went to train in kitesurfing. This has now led to him having to save up and fund for surgery and rehab so that he can travel again and train for his primary goal of being a kitesurfing world champion. This is what Charlie wrote on the London Real Academy Facebook Group, which echos Extreme Entrepreneur, Peter Sage on life happening for you and not to you:

“This is the first time I’ve had a why, it’s the first time I’m going to really get shit done because before everything has been way too comfortable.”

Charlie is now dedicating time to freelance copywriting, so if you share the same interests, please get in touch with him!

I received a nomination for Michael from Member Russ Patchitt. Michael was nominated due to the on-going support he provided to Russ with to overcome his camera shyness.

Russ quite powerfully said that Michael’s feedback was so awesome that it empowered him: “It has made a difference and I am stronger for it.”

You can watch his latest vlog here.

If you’d like to nominate YOUR peers, then send me a message here on the Academy. Tell me who you are nominating, what they are doing, and why they should be nominated.


Don’t miss our Tribe Meetups this month, including our Meetup in Amsterdam in December.

Keep your eyes open and if you’re a Member on the Academy, leave your RSVPs here. I hope to see some of you there!

Until next week’s Tribe Talk, take care and get in touch with me  @noorahnaker I would love to hear from you!

Speak soon,


P.S. Here’s a photo of me toughing it out in the mud at Tough Mudder last week! It was an incredible experience to go through with the other Academy Members who rose to the Challenge!

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Arwa Stone
Arwa Stone

Amazing! Love this blog!

Laura Rivas
Laura Rivas

Excellent tribe talk this week, one of my favorite 🙂

Archie Ology
Archie Ology

best one yet!


Yay!! You used our meet up picture!! 🙂 Beautiful Blog, and a massive well done to Kat. That blog really spoke to me right now because I’m working on contacting a few incredible people. Great advice 🙂