What Daniel Priestley Taught Me: How To Make Your Business Oversubscribed

Daniel Priestley embodies what it means to be an entrepreneur in today’s world. He’s completely unpretentious, completely congruent and passionate about empowering others.

It’s almost like Daniel’s mission is to help create as many entrepreneurs as humanly possible, so that the world we live in becomes more creative, more vibrant and more driven by passion and ideas.

Quite honestly, that is what we want at London Real too. The future will be defined by people living their dream, harnessing their talents and solving problems with vision and inspiration.

Here are three of the lessons I learned talking to Daniel Priestley:

  1. Become A Key Person Of Influence
  2. Be “Oversubscribed”
  3. This Is The Age Of The Entrepreneur

1. Become A Key Person Of Influence

Daniel told me that he came across the concept of KPI by touring and speaking with highly successful people.

He was struck by the fact that rather than being the cleverest, most tech savvy people, or the ones with the best website of business card, these people were simply the ones who had positioned themselves the best within their field.

KPIs are not functional and they are not just part of the conversation, they are at the centre of it. The phone calls come to them, they don’t have to chase opportunities.

You might have heard of the five skills Daniel outlines in his book Key person Of Influence – Pitch, Publish, Product, Profile and Partnerships.

It’s about harnessing your personality and skills so that you are positioned as THE go-to person in your industry.2. Be “Oversubscribed”

In his amazing book Oversubscribed, Daniel gives the example of a club in Majorca where customers who buy a bottle of champagne are treated to a train of hot employees parading the bottle to their table, while the DJ gives a shout out and fireworks are lit throughout!

The idea is that it is more effective to celebrate your buyers, your existing clients, than it is to spend all your energy chasing new ones.

Another example in the book is the music festival Glastonbury, where you have to jump through hoops a year in advance to just sign up for tickets. Not only that, you have to buy them without knowing which bands are on the bill.

Making it difficult to get tickets means the festival retains its aura of exclusivity. As a result, Glastonbury consistently sells 120,000 tickets in a matter of minutes.

If you turn your clients into aspirational people – people others want to be like – buyers will flock to you. They’ll be queuing up, and demand will massively overtake supply.

This is far more effective than pushing the hard sales, offering deals or seducing new clients. The idea is to create an experience people are falling over themselves to be part of.

  1. This Is The Age Of The Entrepreneur

This is the age of the entrepreneur. The age of the employee is over.

In the first chapter of Daniel’s book Key Person Of Influence he says the world five years ago is no longer the world we live in now.

More and more we are living in a technological, digital age, based on ideas and creative solutions.

The upshot here is that old career models no longer work. It is just no longer true that the harder you work, the more you study the more successful you will be.

The essential commodities of our time are creativity and passion. Those who have these qualities are the opens who outlast the rest.

What i love about this is that it is not just a nice dream. It is the key factor in success. If we look at the game changers of our time – Steve Jobs, Sir Richard Branson, Elon Musk etc., what marks them out is their vision and their drive.

Being good at spreadsheets won’t cut it. Studying a masters will throw you off course.

You become successful by harnessing your unique qualities and skills, and building a business around what brings you joy and fulfilment.

If we don’t, then we are set for a future of frustration, corporate anonymity and squandered potential. When you are running a business, or trying to get anything important done, it is easy to lose sight of the power of a creative vision.

In Daniel’s method, inspiration, passion and fulfilment are not the by-products of hard work. They are the essential resources that power the engines of a modern economy and influence the culture.

Daniel’s message is powerful in so many ways, but above all it encourages us to do what we love, to live the life of our dreams, not just because it makes us feel good, but because that is the greatest thing you can do for others.

So much of what we are about here at London Real is influenced by this positive and life-affirming philosophy of business.

I want to know what talents, experiences and passions could be the foundation of your future business? If you could dream big, what unique gift of yours could make the world a better place and how?

Leave me a comment, and let’s get those ideas flowing!

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