What Joe Rogan Taught Me About Being A Broadcaster

Joe Rogan is a leading broadcaster in what has now become a global conversation.

Joe is not just a commentator and comedian, he is a kind of multi-disciplined purveyor of ideas.

It’s safe to say that without The Joe Rogan Show, London Real might not exist in its present form.

I learned so much from Joe Rogan but here are three lessons that are crucial to any career in internet broadcasting:

  1. Talk About What YOU Want To Hear
  2. There Is An Audience For Everyone
  3. Make Ideas Popular

1. Talk About What YOU Want To Hear

A big part of London Real has always been about starting conversations you won’t find anywhere else.

Rogan is arguably the guy that kick-started what is now a global movement dedicated to real talk about real people.

Joe understood what I was trying to do on London Real, talking about Ayahuasca and The Venus Project, going where the mainstream media has always been too scared to go.

Joe was the first guy to start doing this in a major way. It wasn’t just about goofing around, or the crazy stories. It was about reclaiming the dialogue, and without Joe I would never have had the courage to take the leap into broadcasting. 2. There Is An Audience For Everyone

Joe Rogan told us the story of his own move into internet broadcasting, and he said a big drive behind his show is the “abundance mentality.”

Joe told me that there is an audience for everyone. With billions of people in the world, there is no need to think of another internet entrepreneur as a competitor, because the chances are your unique experience will resonate with another group of people just like you.

Both Joe and I agreed that there can’t be too many internet broadcasters, so there is no excuse for resistance. Just get out there and broadcast yourself!3. Make Good Ideas Popular

When Kelly Starrett was here, he talked very highly of Rogan. He said the big innovation of his show was his ability to communicate cutting edge ideas to an audience that might never be exposed to them otherwise.

Rogan curates obscure science and ancient philosophy and brings it together with psychedelics and mixed martial arts.

Without even trying to, Joe has impacted the culture and broken down barriers when it comes to the kinds of combinations of ideas and conversations we can now have.

It’s not enough to talk about cool stuff. You have reach out and take the audience by the scruff of the neck. You have to make those ideas translate into people’s lives.

London Real is does this, and we do so by following the lead of innovators like Joe. Joe Rogan is a hugely popular broadcaster, commentator and comedian, and he has a lot to teach across many disciplines.

If you have something to add about how Rogan has impacted you, or you think I have missed something then get in touch.

Leave me a comment below, it’s all about the conversation!

3 thoughts on “What Joe Rogan Taught Me About Being A Broadcaster”

  1. As I just premiered my own podcast yesterday I want to know how to best build my community?

    It’s a show called The Futue Pod (Framtidspodden in Swedish) where talk to interesting people on how we create the future together. Most episodes are in in Swedish but I have had two episodes in English so far.

    1. Hello Michael
      I known I would like to hear more about Kulning.
      The future together may be about what people need. Natural resources such as the protection of our water supply. Ecosustainable small production.
      An awakening a shift of perspective…
      I have a great interest in imagining the future together as a global entity.
      London Real is a good place to start meeting people getting ideas..

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