Why I Finally Sold Out And Joined The Mainstream Media

London Real has always been about the message, not the medium.

Whether it’s talking to former world champion boxer Chris Eubank, London Mayor candidate George Galloway or comedian and actor Eddie Izzard, we have always stuck to our guns and produced beautiful, intimate, long-form interviews grounded in listening, empathy and connection.

So of course I’m proud of what London Real has become, but I am most proud of the fact that our values haven’t changed.

The show has always been about getting great content to the most amount of people – by any means necessary.

So when I was approached by the television channel London Live about bringing London Real to an even more mainstream audience, I jumped at the chance.

“But Brian, what happened to ‘Putting the BBC out of business?’” you ask?


OK it’s true.  When I started London Real from a small studio in Shoreditch (before we developed our global audience),  I had set my sights on the mainstream media and to put it lightly, I wasn’t impressed.

As I explained in my TEDx talk, London Real was started because I was tired of the mainstream media constantly selling me their latest iteration of “bad news.”

But in today’s world, I’ve learned you can’t afford to be short-sighted when it comes to the medium.

Online media is in a constant state of disruption. The challenge for any broadcaster is to keep evolving and adapting to whatever social media network or file-sharing platform is available.

Big news corporations have finally got the memo – people are not interested in being patronised and talked down to. They want quality content that actually improves their lives, opens their minds and has a lasting impact.

New media companies like London Real have shown the industry that the people who watch us are more than just consumers. The viewers who seek out our brand are far more akin to clients or customers.

Quite simply, if you want to impact people’s lives in a positive way, you have to really give them the goods.

London Real is proof that most people are intelligent, highly curious and committed to becoming better versions of themselves.

As one of my favourite guests on the show James Altucher said, we’re not living in an information age any more, we’re living in an “ideas economy”.

With each new platform we adopt, London Real will proceed to impact a new audience. Teaming up with London Live is the latest victory in our overall mission: to change the world one person at a time.

Tune in to watch London Real on London Live every weekday at 7am starting January 4th.

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Markus Fox

not sure if I like the news!
what does “teaming up with London Live” mean? will they have any influence in future guests or the way future episodes will look like?
Are they airing old episodes?

Sereni Tee

I think it is good as LR will be reaching a more mainstream audience with less mainstream concepts and ideas. I do like the idea of switching on the TV and listening to the after thoughts of a DMT trip. This however only carries weight as long as the content is never influenced.


I hope you didn’t sell out too cheap! haha
I think it’s a great opportunity to reach more people. As long as you aren’t “censored” in anyway I think it’s a great thing. I would “sell out” too if I were in your shoes.

I do have to say Brian, it seems like you are going backwards in an age where people are starting to consume more and more media on the internet you are going back to that old television medium. I will continue to watch online and support London Real and it’s members as best I can.

John Robinson

Good points. I think its a backwards step too, but then, im not privy to all else.I suspect LR is at a cross-roads, theres the broadcasting aspect, the academy, and the business accelerator, and babah on the way! Naturally, there is a “this” or “that” decision to be made. However, Chip Heath in his book “Decisive” says, “find a way to do both”. I hope it all works out.

John Robinson

And i was half way through Nick Davies book “Flat Earth News” which is critical of MSM. I hope that there will be minimal editorial influence upon LR. Its been fantastic so far. How will this impact the Academy – will exclusive content continue to be delivered to the Academy or just the existing portfolio?

Max Hug

7am London Time Zone?
Where can I watch this online? They have a live stream that works with a German IP?

David Williams

Congrats on your deal. Will the episodes still be on youtube or LR webpage? Not to worry though I have plenty youtube videos to catch up and watch..

Kabi Rai

Brian has always followed his guts . And this move right here if it’s time it’s time. Brian you have given us so much content for free and I believe u still will . Do what’s best for u and we believe that as always u will keep it real… It’s about the journey
Thank you and happy new year