WIN a $4k Business Accelerator Scholarship

I believe the NEW Academy is going to change EVERYTHING.

We’ve spent the past six months engineering a brand new 4-week program that promises to create small changes that add up to massive long-term success.

We did this by listening to over 1000 different survey results about what London Realers struggle with every single day.

The whole of this week we’re launching this NEW Academy to the public. Will you help us?

We need to spread the message about our NEW Academy and find the best people in the world to become part of our Tribe.

Would you post on your social media and tell your friends about what we are doing?

To say “thank you” we are giving away one place in our Business Accelerator programme starting in September worth $3,997.

We did this in May to London Realer Lisa May and it COMPLETELY changed her life. Now she’s running her business while travelling the world and loving life:

The Business Accelerator got me comfortable with competition and completion. This is the ONLY educational program I’ve ever completed – I’ve been to University 7 times at 5 different schools.

– Lisa May, London Real Business Accelerator Scholarship Winner, May 2016.

  1. Spread the word about the New Academy by posting on your social media platforms, email or anyway you can. Send them HERE to the info page of the NEW Academy.
  2. Reply in the comments below telling me what you did (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogpost, e-mail blast, e-mail signature, encouraged friends/colleagues to sign up/promote) with screenshots and stats too! The names of your friends who have signed up is a bonus.
  3. Lastly, answer the following question:
    • “Why should you be selected for our Business Accelerator?”

I would LOVE for you to join me on this program. I guarantee it will not only accelerate your business but also accelerate your life.

The contest ends at Midnight in London on Friday July 29th!

I’ll announce the winner on Sunday!

Much love and thank you so much,


2 thoughts on “WIN a $4k Business Accelerator Scholarship”

  1. Good evening Brian

    I have posted this on my FB, Twitter and Instagram accounts. I have one friend John Ferry who should be signing up today or tomorrow

  2. Brian, I have sent out an email to a group of like minded entrepreneurs who I believe could gain value out of this course. If you need a copy of the email please let me know. A number have said that it is of interest and will keep you posted if any decide to sign up. (Unable to upload screen shot of the email)
    WHY ME? I’m a 37 year old father of 2 and turn 38 on the 13th August. I have a side project, a passion project that I know needs to be taken to the next level. I’m great at giving business advice (It’s what I do) I now need it returned. My problem is that I just seem to be stalled. I want to kick this off and I know this movement (Rising Kings) needs to be brought to life, I want to change millions of men’s lives but am struggling to find a way to put in the time, to know what I should work on first and start making some progress. I need accountability. I need a brotherhood. I need your help. Also, the fact that it’s my birthday, I thought this would be the ultimate gift that can change my life. Appreciate the opportunity to apply to win and be a part of your movement. Thanks Brian…

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